A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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1 /* -*- Mode:C++; c-file-style:"gnu"; indent-tabs-mode:nil; -*- */
2 /*
3  * Copyright (c) 2010 TELEMATICS LAB, DEE - Politecnico di Bari
4  * Copyright (c) 2018 Fraunhofer ESK : RLF extensions
5  *
6  * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
7  * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
8  * published by the Free Software Foundation;
9  *
10  * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13  * GNU General Public License for more details.
14  *
15  * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
16  * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
17  * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
18  *
19  * Author: Giuseppe Piro <g.piro@poliba.it>
20  * Author: Marco Miozzo <mmiozzo@cttc.es>
21  * Modified by:
22  * Vignesh Babu <ns3-dev@esk.fraunhofer.de> (RLF extensions)
23  */
25 #ifndef LTE_UE_PHY_H
26 #define LTE_UE_PHY_H
29 #include <ns3/lte-phy.h>
30 #include <ns3/ff-mac-common.h>
32 #include <ns3/lte-control-messages.h>
33 #include <ns3/lte-amc.h>
34 #include <ns3/lte-ue-phy-sap.h>
35 #include <ns3/lte-ue-cphy-sap.h>
36 #include <ns3/ptr.h>
37 #include <ns3/lte-amc.h>
38 #include <set>
39 #include <ns3/lte-ue-power-control.h>
42 namespace ns3 {
44 class PacketBurst;
45 class LteEnbPhy;
46 class LteHarqPhy;
54 class LteUePhy : public LtePhy
55 {
62 public:
66  enum State
67  {
71  };
76  LteUePhy ();
85  virtual ~LteUePhy ();
91  static TypeId GetTypeId (void);
92  // inherited from Object
93  virtual void DoInitialize (void);
94  virtual void DoDispose (void);
130  void SetTxPower (double pow);
137  double GetTxPower () const;
151  void SetNoiseFigure (double nf);
158  double GetNoiseFigure () const;
165  uint8_t GetMacChDelay (void) const;
193  void SetSubChannelsForTransmission (std::vector <int> mask);
199  std::vector <int> GetSubChannelsForTransmission (void);
206  void SetSubChannelsForReception (std::vector <int> mask);
212  std::vector <int> GetSubChannelsForReception (void);
225  // inherited from LtePhy
226  virtual void GenerateCtrlCqiReport (const SpectrumValue& sinr);
227  virtual void GenerateDataCqiReport (const SpectrumValue& sinr);
233  virtual void GenerateMixedCqiReport (const SpectrumValue& sinr);
234  virtual void ReportInterference (const SpectrumValue& interf);
240  virtual void ReportDataInterference (const SpectrumValue& interf);
241  virtual void ReportRsReceivedPower (const SpectrumValue& power);
243  // callbacks for LteSpectrumPhy
256  virtual void ReceivePss (uint16_t cellId, Ptr<SpectrumValue> p);
264  void PhyPduReceived (Ptr<Packet> p);
273  void SubframeIndication (uint32_t frameNo, uint32_t subframeNo);
279  void SendSrs ();
293  void SetHarqPhyModule (Ptr<LteHarqPhy> harq);
300  State GetState () const;
310  typedef void (* StateTracedCallback)
311  (uint16_t cellId, uint16_t rnti, State oldState, State newState);
322  typedef void (* RsrpSinrTracedCallback)
323  (uint16_t cellId, uint16_t rnti,
324  double rsrp, double sinr, uint8_t componentCarrierId);
336  typedef void (* RsrpRsrqTracedCallback)
337  (uint16_t rnti, uint16_t cellId, double rsrp, double rsrq,
338  bool isServingCell, uint8_t componentCarrierId);
340 private:
347  void SetTxMode1Gain (double gain);
353  void SetTxMode2Gain (double gain);
359  void SetTxMode3Gain (double gain);
365  void SetTxMode4Gain (double gain);
371  void SetTxMode5Gain (double gain);
377  void SetTxMode6Gain (double gain);
383  void SetTxMode7Gain (double gain);
390  void SetTxModeGain (uint8_t txMode, double gain);
396  void QueueSubChannelsForTransmission (std::vector <int> rbMap);
405  void GenerateCqiRsrpRsrq (const SpectrumValue& sinr);
413  void ReportUeMeasurements ();
420  void SetDownlinkCqiPeriodicity (Time cqiPeriodicity);
425  void SwitchToState (State s);
435  void SetNumQoutEvalSf (uint16_t numSubframes);
445  void SetNumQinEvalSf (uint16_t numSubframes);
455  uint16_t GetNumQoutEvalSf () const;
465  uint16_t GetNumQinEvalSf () const;
467  // UE CPHY SAP methods
471  void DoReset ();
477  void DoStartCellSearch (uint32_t dlEarfcn);
483  void DoSynchronizeWithEnb (uint16_t cellId);
490  void DoSynchronizeWithEnb (uint16_t cellId, uint32_t dlEarfcn);
496  void DoSetDlBandwidth (uint8_t dlBandwidth);
503  void DoConfigureUplink (uint32_t ulEarfcn, uint8_t ulBandwidth);
509  void DoConfigureReferenceSignalPower (int8_t referenceSignalPower);
515  void DoSetRnti (uint16_t rnti);
521  void DoSetTransmissionMode (uint8_t txMode);
527  void DoSetSrsConfigurationIndex (uint16_t srcCi);
533  void DoSetPa (double pa);
541  void DoResetPhyAfterRlf ();
550  void DoResetRlfParams ();
561  void DoStartInSnycDetection ();
581  void RlfDetection (double sinrdB);
590  void InitializeRlfParams ();
596  void DoSetImsi (uint64_t imsi);
605  void DoSetRsrpFilterCoefficient (uint8_t rsrpFilterCoefficient);
612  double ComputeAvgSinr (const SpectrumValue& sinr);
614  // UE PHY SAP methods
615  virtual void DoSendMacPdu (Ptr<Packet> p);
628  virtual void DoSendRachPreamble (uint32_t prachId, uint32_t raRnti);
633  virtual void DoNotifyConnectionSuccessful ();
636  std::vector <int> m_subChannelsForTransmission;
638  std::vector <int> m_subChannelsForReception;
640  std::vector< std::vector <int> > m_subChannelsForTransmissionQueue;
671  uint16_t m_rnti;
674  std::vector <double> m_txModeGain;
676  uint16_t m_srsPeriodicity;
678  uint16_t m_srsConfigured;
681  double m_paLinear;
695  uint8_t m_subframeNo;
707  struct PssElement
709  {
710  uint16_t cellId;
711  double pssPsdSum;
712  uint16_t nRB;
713  };
714  std::list <PssElement> m_pssList;
724  {
725  double rsrpSum;
726  uint8_t rsrpNum;
727  double rsrqSum;
728  uint8_t rsrqNum;
729  };
735  std::map <uint16_t, UeMeasurementsElement> m_ueMeasurementsMap;
746  uint32_t m_raPreambleId;
747  uint32_t m_raRnti;
793  double m_qIn;
800  double m_qOut;
802  uint16_t m_numOfQoutEvalSf;
803  uint16_t m_numOfQinEvalSf;
806  uint16_t m_numOfSubframes;
807  uint16_t m_numOfFrames;
808  double m_sinrDbFrame;
810  uint64_t m_imsi;
813 }; // end of `class LteUePhy`
816 }
818 #endif /* LTE_UE_PHY_H */
uint16_t m_srsConfigured
SRS configured.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:678
Simulation virtual time values and global simulation resolution.
Definition: nstime.h:102
UeMemberLteUePhySapProvider class.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:77
double m_qOut
The &#39;Qout&#39; attribute.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:800
Smart pointer class similar to boost::intrusive_ptr.
Definition: ptr.h:73
Ptr< LteSpectrumPhy > GetUlSpectrumPhy() const
Get Uplink spectrum phy.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:450
double pssPsdSum
PSS PSD sum.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:711
virtual void GenerateMixedCqiReport(const SpectrumValue &sinr)
Create the mixed CQI report.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:725
LteUePhySapUser * m_uePhySapUser
UE Phy SAP user.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:666
void SetTxMode5Gain(double gain)
Set transmit mode 5 gain function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1686
virtual void GenerateDataCqiReport(const SpectrumValue &sinr)
generate a CQI report based on the given SINR of Data frame (used for PUSCH CQIs) ...
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:719
std::list< PssElement > m_pssList
PSS list.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:714
void SetTxMode2Gain(double gain)
Set transmit mode 2 gain function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1668
uint16_t cellId
cell ID
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:710
bool m_ulConfigured
UL configured?
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:684
std::vector< int > GetSubChannelsForTransmission(void)
Get a list of sub channels to use in RX.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:523
virtual void GenerateCtrlCqiReport(const SpectrumValue &sinr)
generate a CQI report based on the given SINR of Ctrl frame
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:549
double m_qIn
The &#39;Qin&#39; attribute.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:793
TracedCallback< uint16_t, uint16_t, double, double, bool, uint8_t > m_reportUeMeasurements
The ReportUeMeasurements trace source.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:772
Time m_a30CqiLast
last aperiodic CQI
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:663
void SetSubChannelsForTransmission(std::vector< int > mask)
Set a list of sub channels to use in TX.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:503
double m_paLinear
PA linear.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:681
LteUePhySapProvider * m_uePhySapProvider
UE Phy SAP provider.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:665
uint8_t rsrqNum
Number of RSRQ samples.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:728
void SetTxMode6Gain(double gain)
Set transmit mode 6 gain function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1692
Service Access Point (SAP) offered by the UE PHY to the UE RRC for control purposes.
std::vector< double > m_txModeGain
the transmit mode gain
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:674
void DoResetPhyAfterRlf()
Reset Phy after radio link failure function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1529
uint16_t GetNumQoutEvalSf() const
Get number of Qout evaluation subframes.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:474
Summary results of measuring a specific cell. Used for layer-1 filtering.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:723
SpectrumValue m_dataInterferencePower
data interference power
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:704
uint8_t GetMacChDelay(void) const
Get MAC to Channel delay.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:438
void QueueSubChannelsForTransmission(std::vector< int > rbMap)
Queue subchannels for transmission function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1231
Service Access Point (SAP) offered by the PHY to the MAC.
void SetTxModeGain(uint8_t txMode, double gain)
Set transmit mode gain function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1705
void SetDownlinkCqiPeriodicity(Time cqiPeriodicity)
Set the periodicty for the downlink periodic wideband and aperiodic subband CQI reporting.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:976
Ptr< LteUePowerControl > m_powerControl
Pointer to UE Uplink Power Control entity.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:651
virtual void DoSendMacPdu(Ptr< Packet > p)
Queue the MAC PDU to be sent (according to m_macChTtiDelay)
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:488
std::vector< int > GetSubChannelsForReception(void)
Get a list of sub channels to use in RX.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:531
uint8_t m_transmissionMode
the transmission mode
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:673
void DoSetRsrpFilterCoefficient(uint8_t rsrpFilterCoefficient)
Do set RSRP filter coefficient.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1522
EventId m_sendSrsEvent
send SRS event
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:774
void SetHarqPhyModule(Ptr< LteHarqPhy > harq)
Set the HARQ PHY module.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1745
bool m_pssReceived
PSS received?
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:706
void DoSetSrsConfigurationIndex(uint16_t srcCi)
Set SRS configuration index function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1501
The states of the UE PHY entity.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:66
void DoSetTransmissionMode(uint8_t txMode)
Set transmission mode function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1493
void DoConfigureUplink(uint32_t ulEarfcn, uint8_t ulBandwidth)
Configure UL uplink function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1468
Template for the implementation of the LteUeCphySapProvider as a member of an owner class of type C t...
void(* StateTracedCallback)(uint16_t cellId, uint16_t rnti, State oldState, State newState)
TracedCallback signature for state transition events.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:311
double m_pssReceptionThreshold
The RsrqUeMeasThreshold attribute.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:720
void DoStartInSnycDetection()
Start in Snyc detection function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1548
void DoResetRlfParams()
Reset radio link failure parameters.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1540
bool m_enableRlfDetection
Flag to enable/disable RLF detection.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:811
void DoSynchronizeWithEnb(uint16_t cellId)
Synchronize with ENB function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1414
Time m_ueMeasurementsFilterLast
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:742
uint8_t rsrpNum
Number of RSRP samples.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:726
LteUeCphySapUser * m_ueCphySapUser
UE CPhy SAP user.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:669
uint16_t m_numOfSubframes
count the number of subframes for which the downlink radio link quality is estimated ...
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:806
uint16_t m_rsrpSinrSamplePeriod
The RsrpSinrSamplePeriod attribute.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:759
double GetNoiseFigure() const
Get noise figure.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:409
Service Access Point (SAP) offered by the UE PHY to the UE RRC for control purposes.
void SetLteUePhySapUser(LteUePhySapUser *s)
Set the PHY SAP User.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:373
void RlfDetection(double sinrdB)
Radio link failure detection function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1573
void DoConfigureReferenceSignalPower(int8_t referenceSignalPower)
Configure reference signal power function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1476
void SetTxMode3Gain(double gain)
Set transmit mode 3 gain function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1674
PssElement structure.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:708
Ptr< DlCqiLteControlMessage > CreateDlCqiFeedbackMessage(const SpectrumValue &sinr)
Create the DL CQI feedback from SINR values perceived at the physical layer with the signal received ...
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:833
void SetTxMode4Gain(double gain)
Set transmit mode 4 gain function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1680
void SwitchToState(State s)
Switch the UE PHY to the given state.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1760
TracedCallback< uint16_t, uint16_t, State, State > m_stateTransitionTrace
The StateTransition trace source.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:692
TracedCallback< uint16_t, uint16_t, double, double, uint8_t > m_reportCurrentCellRsrpSinrTrace
The ReportCurrentCellRsrpSinr trace source.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:754
void SendSrs()
Send the SRS signal in the last symbols of the frame.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1329
bool m_rsInterferencePowerUpdated
RS interference power updated?
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:700
SpectrumValue m_ctrlSinrForRlf
the CTRL SINR used for RLF detection
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:809
Ptr< LteSpectrumPhy > GetDlSpectrumPhy() const
Get Downlink spectrum phy.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:444
void SetTxMode7Gain(double gain)
Set transmit mode 7 gain function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1698
void DoSetPa(double pa)
Set PA function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1515
#define list
double ComputeAvgSinr(const SpectrumValue &sinr)
Compute average SINR among the RBs.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:698
See section 4.3.23 dlInfoListElement.
void DoReset()
Do Reset function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1351
double rsrpSum
Sum of RSRP sample values in linear unit.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:725
uint16_t m_numOfQoutEvalSf
the downlink radio link quality is estimated over this period for detecting out-of-syncs ...
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:802
virtual void DoSendRachPreamble(uint32_t prachId, uint32_t raRnti)
Send RACH preamble function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:992
void SetNumQoutEvalSf(uint16_t numSubframes)
Set number of Qout evaluation subframes.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:456
virtual void ReportDataInterference(const SpectrumValue &interf)
Create the mixed CQI report.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:799
virtual void ReceiveLteDlHarqFeedback(DlInfoListElement_s mes)
PhySpectrum generated a new DL HARQ feedback.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1735
bool m_enableUplinkPowerControl
The EnableUplinkPowerControl attribute.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:649
double GetTxPower() const
Get transmit power.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:424
Every class exported by the ns3 library is enclosed in the ns3 namespace.
Ptr< LteHarqPhy > m_harqPhyModule
HARQ phy module.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:744
uint16_t GetNumQinEvalSf() const
Get number of Qin evaluation subframes.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:481
uint64_t m_imsi
the IMSI of the UE
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:810
virtual void DoNotifyConnectionSuccessful()
Notify PHY about the successful RRC connection establishment.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1005
uint16_t m_rsrpSinrSampleCounter
The RsrpSinrSampleCounter attribute.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:764
uint16_t m_numOfFrames
count the number of frames for which the downlink radio link quality is estimated ...
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:807
bool m_isConnected
set when UE RRC is in CONNECTED_NORMALLY state
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:787
SpectrumValue m_rsReceivedPower
RS receive power.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:698
void DoSetImsi(uint64_t imsi)
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1556
double rsrqSum
Sum of RSRQ sample values in linear unit.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:727
uint16_t m_srsSubframeOffset
SRS subframe offset.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:677
Time m_srsStartTime
SRS start time.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:679
uint8_t m_subframeNo
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:695
void(* RsrpRsrqTracedCallback)(uint16_t rnti, uint16_t cellId, double rsrp, double rsrq, bool isServingCell, uint8_t componentCarrierId)
TracedCallback signature for cell RSRP and RSRQ.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:337
void SubframeIndication(uint32_t frameNo, uint32_t subframeNo)
trigger from eNB the start from a new frame
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1238
virtual void DoInitialize(void)
Initialize() implementation.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:355
void DoSetDlBandwidth(uint8_t dlBandwidth)
Set DL bandwidth function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1437
Time m_a30CqiPeriodicity
SubBand Aperiodic CQI.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:662
void SetTxMode1Gain(double gain)
Set transmit mode 1 gain function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1662
std::vector< int > m_subChannelsForTransmission
A list of sub channels to use in TX.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:636
void DoStartCellSearch(uint32_t dlEarfcn)
Start the cell search function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1397
uint32_t m_raRnti
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:747
bool m_dlConfigured
DL configured?
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:683
virtual void ReceiveLteControlMessageList(std::list< Ptr< LteControlMessage > > msgList)
Receive LTE control message list function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1023
std::vector< std::vector< int > > m_subChannelsForTransmissionQueue
subchannels for transmission queue
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:640
LteUeCphySapProvider * m_ueCphySapProvider
UE CPhy SAP provider.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:668
uint16_t nRB
number of RB
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:712
std::map< uint16_t, UeMeasurementsElement > m_ueMeasurementsMap
Store measurement results during the last layer-1 filtering period.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:735
An identifier for simulation events.
Definition: event-id.h:53
State GetState() const
Get state of the UE physical layer.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1752
std::vector< int > m_subChannelsForReception
A list of sub channels to use in RX.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:638
Service Access Point (SAP) offered by the UE-PHY to the UE-MAC.
void SetTxPower(double pow)
Set transmit power.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:416
virtual void ReceivePss(uint16_t cellId, Ptr< SpectrumValue > p)
Receive PSS function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1177
uint16_t m_srsPeriodicity
SRS periodicity.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:676
bool m_downlinkInSync
when set, DL SINR evaluation for out-of-sync indications is conducted.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:805
LteUePhySapProvider * GetLteUePhySapProvider()
Get the PHY SAP provider.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:380
uint32_t m_raPreambleId
RA preamble ID.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:746
void SetLteUeCphySapUser(LteUeCphySapUser *s)
Set the CPHY SAP User.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:388
void SetNumQinEvalSf(uint16_t numSubframes)
Set number of Qin evaluation subframes.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:465
SpectrumValue m_rsInterferencePower
RS interference power.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:701
void InitializeRlfParams()
Initialize radio link failure parameters.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1563
void PhyPduReceived(Ptr< Packet > p)
PhySpectrum received a new PHY-PDU.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:497
virtual void DoSendLteControlMessage(Ptr< LteControlMessage > msg)
Send LTE control message function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:984
bool m_rsReceivedPowerUpdated
RS receive power updated?
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:697
Ptr< LteUePowerControl > GetUplinkPowerControl() const
Get Uplink power control.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:431
void GenerateCqiRsrpRsrq(const SpectrumValue &sinr)
Get CQI, RSRP, and RSRQ.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:570
virtual ~LteUePhy()
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:186
The LteSpectrumPhy models the physical layer of LTE.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:54
virtual void ReportRsReceivedPower(const SpectrumValue &power)
generate a report based on the linear RS power perceived during CTRL frame NOTE: used only by UE for ...
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:808
Time m_p10CqiLast
last periodic CQI
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:655
LteUeCphySapProvider * GetLteUeCphySapProvider()
Get the CPHY SAP provider.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:395
State m_state
The current UE PHY state.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:687
Set of values corresponding to a given SpectrumModel.
a unique identifier for an interface.
Definition: type-id.h:58
uint16_t m_rnti
the RNTI
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:671
double m_sinrDbFrame
the average SINR per radio frame
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:808
bool m_dataInterferencePowerUpdated
data interference power updated?
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:703
void SetNoiseFigure(double nf)
Set noise figure.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:402
uint16_t m_numOfQinEvalSf
the downlink radio link quality is estimated over this period for detecting in-syncs ...
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:803
TracedCallback< PhyTransmissionStatParameters > m_ulPhyTransmission
The UlPhyTransmission trace source.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:781
static TypeId GetTypeId(void)
Get the type ID.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:203
Time m_p10CqiPeriodicity
Wideband Periodic CQI. 2, 5, 10, 16, 20, 32, 40, 64, 80 or 160 ms.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:654
Ptr< LteAmc > m_amc
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:643
The LtePhy models the physical layer of LTE.
Definition: lte-phy.h:52
void ReportUeMeasurements()
Layer-1 filtering of RSRP and RSRQ measurements and reporting to the RRC entity.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:933
virtual void ReportInterference(const SpectrumValue &interf)
generate a report based on the linear interference and noise power perceived during DATA frame NOTE: ...
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:791
virtual Ptr< SpectrumValue > CreateTxPowerSpectralDensity()
Create the PSD for the TX.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:539
Ptr< SpectrumValue > m_noisePsd
Noise power spectral density for the configured bandwidth.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:784
void DoSetRnti(uint16_t rnti)
Set RNTI function.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:1483
void(* RsrpSinrTracedCallback)(uint16_t cellId, uint16_t rnti, double rsrp, double sinr, uint8_t componentCarrierId)
TracedCallback signature for cell RSRP and SINR report.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:323
void SetSubChannelsForReception(std::vector< int > mask)
Get a list of sub channels to use in RX.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:515
virtual void DoDispose(void)
Destructor implementation.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.cc:192
Time m_ueMeasurementsFilterPeriod
The UeMeasurementsFilterPeriod attribute.
Definition: lte-ue-phy.h:740