A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
wifi-utils.cc File Reference
#include "ns3/nstime.h"
#include "wifi-utils.h"
#include "ctrl-headers.h"
#include "wifi-mac-header.h"
#include "wifi-mac-trailer.h"
#include "wifi-net-device.h"
#include "ht-configuration.h"
#include "he-configuration.h"
#include "wifi-mode.h"
#include "ampdu-subframe-header.h"
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 Every class exported by the ns3 library is enclosed in the ns3 namespace.


void ns3::AddWifiMacTrailer (Ptr< Packet > packet)
 Add FCS trailer to a packet. More...
uint16_t ns3::ConvertGuardIntervalToNanoSeconds (WifiMode mode, const Ptr< WifiNetDevice > device)
 Convert the guard interval to nanoseconds based on the wifimode. More...
uint16_t ns3::ConvertGuardIntervalToNanoSeconds (WifiMode mode, bool htShortGuardInterval, Time heGuardInterval)
 Convert the guard interval to nanoseconds based on the wifimode. More...
double ns3::DbmToW (double dbm)
 Convert from dBm to Watts. More...
double ns3::DbToRatio (double db)
 Convert from dB to ratio. More...
uint32_t ns3::GetAckSize (void)
 Return the total ACK size (including FCS trailer). More...
uint32_t ns3::GetBlockAckSize (BlockAckType type)
 Return the total Block ACK size (including FCS trailer). More...
uint16_t ns3::GetChannelWidthForTransmission (WifiMode mode, uint16_t maxSupportedChannelWidth)
 Return the channel width that corresponds to the selected mode (instead of letting the PHY's default channel width). More...
uint32_t ns3::GetCtsSize (void)
 Return the total CTS size (including FCS trailer). More...
Time ns3::GetPpduMaxTime (WifiPreamble preamble)
 Get the maximum PPDU duration (see Section 10.14 of 802.11-2016) for the PHY layers defining the aPPDUMaxTime characteristic (HT, VHT and HE). More...
WifiPreamble ns3::GetPreambleForTransmission (WifiModulationClass modulation, bool useShortPreamble, bool useGreenfield)
 Return the preamble to be used for the transmission. More...
uint32_t ns3::GetRtsSize (void)
 Return the total RTS size (including FCS trailer). More...
uint32_t ns3::GetSize (Ptr< const Packet > packet, const WifiMacHeader *hdr, bool isAmpdu)
 Return the total size of the packet after WifiMacHeader and FCS trailer have been added. More...
bool ns3::Is2_4Ghz (double frequency)
bool ns3::Is5Ghz (double frequency)
bool ns3::IsAllowedControlAnswerModulationClass (WifiModulationClass modClassReq, WifiModulationClass modClassAnswer)
 Return whether the modulation class of the selected mode for the control answer frame is allowed. More...
bool ns3::IsAmpdu (Ptr< const Packet > packet)
bool ns3::IsInWindow (uint16_t seq, uint16_t winstart, uint16_t winsize)
double ns3::RatioToDb (double ratio)
 Convert from ratio to dB. More...
double ns3::WToDbm (double w)
 Convert from Watts to dBm. More...