A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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1 /* -*- Mode: C++; c-file-style: "gnu"; indent-tabs-mode:nil; -*- */
2 /*
3  * Copyright (c) 2016 S├ębastien Deronne
4  *
5  * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
6  * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
7  * published by the Free Software Foundation;
8  *
9  * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12  * GNU General Public License for more details.
13  *
14  * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
15  * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
16  * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
17  *
18  * Author: S├ębastien Deronne <sebastien.deronne@gmail.com>
19  */
21 #ifndef HT_OPERATION_H
22 #define HT_OPERATION_H
30 #define MAX_SUPPORTED_MCS (77)
32 namespace ns3 {
36 {
41 };
51 {
52 public:
53  HtOperation ();
55  // Implementations of pure virtual methods of WifiInformationElement
57  uint8_t GetInformationFieldSize () const;
60  uint8_t length);
61  /* This information element is a bit special in that it is only
62  included if the STA is an HT STA. To support this we
63  override the Serialize and GetSerializedSize methods of
64  WifiInformationElement. */
66  uint16_t GetSerializedSize () const;
73  void SetHtSupported (uint8_t htSupported);
80  void SetPrimaryChannel (uint8_t ctrl);
86  void SetInformationSubset1 (uint8_t ctrl);
92  void SetInformationSubset2 (uint16_t ctrl);
98  void SetInformationSubset3 (uint16_t ctrl);
105  void SetBasicMcsSet (uint64_t ctrl1, uint64_t ctrl2);
112  void SetSecondaryChannelOffset (uint8_t secondaryChannelOffset);
118  void SetStaChannelWidth (uint8_t staChannelWidth);
124  void SetRifsMode (uint8_t rifsMode);
131  void SetHtProtection (uint8_t htProtection);
137  void SetNonGfHtStasPresent (uint8_t nonGfHtStasPresent);
143  void SetObssNonHtStasPresent (uint8_t obssNonHtStasPresent);
150  void SetDualBeacon (uint8_t dualBeacon);
156  void SetDualCtsProtection (uint8_t dualCtsProtection);
162  void SetStbcBeacon (uint8_t stbcBeacon);
168  void SetLSigTxopProtectionFullSupport (uint8_t lSigTxopProtectionFullSupport);
174  void SetPcoActive (uint8_t pcoActive);
180  void SetPhase (uint8_t pcoPhase);
187  void SetRxMcsBitmask (uint8_t index);
193  void SetRxHighestSupportedDataRate (uint16_t maxSupportedRate);
199  void SetTxMcsSetDefined (uint8_t txMcsSetDefined);
205  void SetTxRxMcsSetUnequal (uint8_t txRxMcsSetUnequal);
211  void SetTxMaxNSpatialStreams (uint8_t maxTxSpatialStreams);
217  void SetTxUnequalModulation (uint8_t txUnequalModulation);
224  uint8_t GetPrimaryChannel (void) const;
230  uint8_t GetInformationSubset1 (void) const;
236  uint16_t GetInformationSubset2 (void) const;
242  uint16_t GetInformationSubset3 (void) const;
248  uint64_t GetBasicMcsSet1 (void) const;
254  uint64_t GetBasicMcsSet2 (void) const;
261  uint8_t GetSecondaryChannelOffset (void) const;
267  uint8_t GetStaChannelWidth (void) const;
273  uint8_t GetRifsMode (void) const;
280  uint8_t GetHtProtection (void) const;
286  uint8_t GetNonGfHtStasPresent (void) const;
292  uint8_t GetObssNonHtStasPresent (void) const;
299  uint8_t GetDualBeacon (void) const;
305  uint8_t GetDualCtsProtection (void) const;
311  uint8_t GetStbcBeacon (void) const;
317  uint8_t GetLSigTxopProtectionFullSupport (void) const;
323  uint8_t GetPcoActive (void) const;
329  uint8_t GetPhase (void) const;
338  bool IsSupportedMcs (uint8_t mcs) const;
344  uint16_t GetRxHighestSupportedDataRate (void) const;
350  uint8_t GetTxMcsSetDefined (void) const;
356  uint8_t GetTxRxMcsSetUnequal (void) const;
362  uint8_t GetTxMaxNSpatialStreams (void) const;
368  uint8_t GetTxUnequalModulation (void) const;
371 private:
374  //HT Information Subset 1
377  uint8_t m_rifsMode;
380  //HT Information Subset 2
381  uint8_t m_htProtection;
387  //HT Information Subset 3
389  uint8_t m_dualBeacon;
391  uint8_t m_stbcBeacon;
393  uint8_t m_pcoActive;
394  uint8_t m_pcoPhase;
397  //Basic MCS Set field
405  uint32_t m_reservedMcsSet3;
409  uint8_t m_htSupported;
410 };
420 std::ostream &operator << (std::ostream &os, const HtOperation &htOperation);
422 } //namespace ns3
424 #endif /* HT_OPERATION_H */
uint8_t GetPcoActive(void) const
Return PCO active.
void SetPcoActive(uint8_t pcoActive)
Set the PCO active.
uint8_t m_reservedInformationSubset3_1
reserved information subset 3-1
Definition: ht-operation.h:388
uint8_t m_reservedInformationSubset1
reserved information subset 1
Definition: ht-operation.h:378
void SetStbcBeacon(uint8_t stbcBeacon)
Set the STBC beacon.
uint16_t GetSerializedSize() const
uint8_t m_txMaxNSpatialStreams
transmit maximum number spatial streams
Definition: ht-operation.h:403
uint8_t GetTxUnequalModulation(void) const
Return transmit unequal modulation.
uint8_t GetSecondaryChannelOffset(void) const
Return the secondary channel offset.
uint8_t GetTxMaxNSpatialStreams(void) const
Return transmit maximum number spatial streams.
uint8_t m_reservedMcsSet2
reserved MCS set2
Definition: ht-operation.h:400
uint8_t m_txUnequalModulation
transmit unequal modulation
Definition: ht-operation.h:404
def start()
Definition: core.py:1855
void SetPhase(uint8_t pcoPhase)
Set the PCO phase.
void SetLSigTxopProtectionFullSupport(uint8_t lSigTxopProtectionFullSupport)
Set the LSIG TXOP protection full support.
void SetRxHighestSupportedDataRate(uint16_t maxSupportedRate)
Set the receive highest supported data rate.
uint8_t GetLSigTxopProtectionFullSupport(void) const
Return LSIG TXOP protection full support.
uint8_t m_secondaryChannelOffset
secondary channel offset
Definition: ht-operation.h:375
This defines the maximum number of supported MCSs that a STA is allowed to have.
Definition: ht-operation.h:30
void SetNonGfHtStasPresent(uint8_t nonGfHtStasPresent)
Set the non GF HT STAs present.
uint8_t m_lSigTxopProtectionFullSupport
L-SIG TXOP protection full support.
Definition: ht-operation.h:392
uint8_t GetDualBeacon(void) const
Return dual beacon.
The HT Operation Information ElementThis class knows how to serialise and deserialise the HT Operatio...
Definition: ht-operation.h:50
void SetTxMaxNSpatialStreams(uint8_t maxTxSpatialStreams)
Set the transmit maximum number spatial streams.
uint8_t GetDualCtsProtection(void) const
Return dual CTS protection.
uint8_t m_reservedMcsSet1
reserved MCS set 1
Definition: ht-operation.h:398
uint16_t GetInformationSubset2(void) const
Return the Information Subset 2 field in the HT Operation information element.
Buffer::Iterator Serialize(Buffer::Iterator start) const
uint8_t m_txMcsSetDefined
transmit MCS set defined
Definition: ht-operation.h:401
uint8_t m_dualCtsProtection
dual CTS protection
Definition: ht-operation.h:390
void SetTxMcsSetDefined(uint8_t txMcsSetDefined)
Set the transmit MCS set defined.
uint16_t GetInformationSubset3(void) const
Return the Information Subset 3 field in the HT Operation information element.
uint8_t m_rxMcsBitmask[MAX_SUPPORTED_MCS]
receive MCS bitmask
Definition: ht-operation.h:406
void SetDualCtsProtection(uint8_t dualCtsProtection)
Set the dual CTS protection.
iterator in a Buffer instance
Definition: buffer.h:98
uint8_t m_obssNonHtStasPresent
OBSS NON HT STAs present.
Definition: ht-operation.h:384
uint8_t GetNonGfHtStasPresent(void) const
Return the non GF HT STAs present.
Information element, as defined in 802.11-2007 standardThe IEEE 802.11 standard includes the notion o...
void SetHtProtection(uint8_t htProtection)
Set the HT protection.
uint8_t GetInformationSubset1(void) const
Return the Information Subset 1 field in the HT Operation information element.
void SetInformationSubset3(uint16_t ctrl)
Set the Information Subset 3 field in the HT Operation information element.
uint8_t m_rifsMode
RIFS mode.
Definition: ht-operation.h:377
uint64_t GetBasicMcsSet1(void) const
Return the first 64 bytes of the Basic MCS Set field in the HT Operation information element...
WifiInformationElementId ElementId() const
Definition: ht-operation.cc:61
uint8_t GetPhase(void) const
Return phase.
uint16_t m_rxHighestSupportedDataRate
receive highest supported data rate
Definition: ht-operation.h:399
void SetHtSupported(uint8_t htSupported)
Set the HT Supported.
Definition: ht-operation.cc:67
uint8_t GetTxRxMcsSetUnequal(void) const
Return transmit / receive MCS set unequal.
bool IsSupportedMcs(uint8_t mcs) const
Return MCS is supported.
uint8_t GetTxMcsSetDefined(void) const
Return transmit MCS set defined.
void SetRxMcsBitmask(uint8_t index)
Set the receive MCS bitmask.
uint8_t m_pcoActive
PCO active.
Definition: ht-operation.h:393
uint8_t m_nonGfHtStasPresent
non GF HT STAs present
Definition: ht-operation.h:382
uint8_t m_htSupported
This is used to decide whether this element should be added to the frame or not.
Definition: ht-operation.h:409
uint8_t m_htProtection
HT protection.
Definition: ht-operation.h:381
uint16_t GetRxHighestSupportedDataRate(void) const
Return receive highest supported data rate.
std::ostream & operator<<(std::ostream &os, const Angles &a)
print a struct Angles to output
Definition: angles.cc:42
void SetTxUnequalModulation(uint8_t txUnequalModulation)
Set the transmit unequal modulation.
Every class exported by the ns3 library is enclosed in the ns3 namespace.
uint8_t m_txRxMcsSetUnequal
transmit / receive MCS set unequal
Definition: ht-operation.h:402
uint8_t m_reservedInformationSubset2_1
reserved information subset 2-1
Definition: ht-operation.h:383
void SetInformationSubset2(uint16_t ctrl)
Set the Information Subset 2 field in the HT Operation information element.
void SetRifsMode(uint8_t rifsMode)
Set the RIFS mode.
Definition: ht-operation.cc:99
uint8_t GetRifsMode(void) const
Return the RIFS mode.
uint8_t DeserializeInformationField(Buffer::Iterator start, uint8_t length)
Deserialize information (i.e., the body of the IE, not including the Element ID and length octets) ...
uint32_t m_reservedMcsSet3
reserved MCS set 3
Definition: ht-operation.h:405
HtProtectionType enumeration.
Definition: ht-operation.h:35
uint8_t m_dualBeacon
dual beacon
Definition: ht-operation.h:389
void SerializeInformationField(Buffer::Iterator start) const
Serialize information (i.e., the body of the IE, not including the Element ID and length octets) ...
uint8_t GetStaChannelWidth(void) const
Return the STA channel width.
uint8_t m_primaryChannel
primary channel
Definition: ht-operation.h:372
void SetObssNonHtStasPresent(uint8_t obssNonHtStasPresent)
Set the OBSS non HT STAs present.
void SetInformationSubset1(uint8_t ctrl)
Set the Information Subset 1 field in the HT Operation information element.
void SetTxRxMcsSetUnequal(uint8_t txRxMcsSetUnequal)
Set the transmit / receive MCS set unequal.
uint8_t GetHtProtection(void) const
Return the HT protection.
uint8_t GetStbcBeacon(void) const
Return STBC beacon.
void SetStaChannelWidth(uint8_t staChannelWidth)
Set the STA channel width.
Definition: ht-operation.cc:93
void SetDualBeacon(uint8_t dualBeacon)
Set the dual beacon.
uint8_t m_reservedInformationSubset2_2
reserved information subset 2-2
Definition: ht-operation.h:385
uint64_t GetBasicMcsSet2(void) const
Return the last 64 bytes of the Basic MCS Set field in the HT Operation information element...
uint8_t m_staChannelWidth
STA channel width.
Definition: ht-operation.h:376
uint8_t WifiInformationElementId
This type is used to represent an Information Element ID.
uint8_t m_pcoPhase
PCO phase.
Definition: ht-operation.h:394
uint8_t m_stbcBeacon
STBC beacon.
Definition: ht-operation.h:391
uint8_t GetObssNonHtStasPresent(void) const
Return the OBSS non HT STAs present.
uint8_t GetPrimaryChannel(void) const
Return the Primary Channel field in the HT Operation information element.
void SetPrimaryChannel(uint8_t ctrl)
Set the Primary Channel field in the HT Operation information element.
Definition: ht-operation.cc:81
uint8_t GetInformationFieldSize() const
Length of serialized information (i.e., the length of the body of the IE, not including the Element I...
Definition: ht-operation.cc:73
void SetBasicMcsSet(uint64_t ctrl1, uint64_t ctrl2)
Set the Basic MCS Set field in the HT Operation information element.
void SetSecondaryChannelOffset(uint8_t secondaryChannelOffset)
Set the secondary channel offset.
Definition: ht-operation.cc:87
uint8_t m_reservedInformationSubset3_2
reserved information subset 3-2
Definition: ht-operation.h:395