A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
ns3::LteRrcSap::MeasConfig Struct Reference

MeasConfig structure. More...

#include "lte-rrc-sap.h"

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Public Attributes

bool haveMeasGapConfig
 have measure gap config? More...
bool haveQuantityConfig
 have quantity config? More...
bool haveSmeasure
 have S measure? More...
bool haveSpeedStatePars
 have speed state parameters? More...
MeasGapConfig measGapConfig
 measure gap config More...
std::list< MeasIdToAddModmeasIdToAddModList
 measure ID to add mod list More...
std::list< uint8_t > measIdToRemoveList
 measure ID to remove list More...
std::list< MeasObjectToAddModmeasObjectToAddModList
 measure object to add mod list More...
std::list< uint8_t > measObjectToRemoveList
 measure object to remove list More...
QuantityConfig quantityConfig
 quantity config More...
std::list< ReportConfigToAddModreportConfigToAddModList
 report config to add mod list More...
std::list< uint8_t > reportConfigToRemoveList
 report config to remove list More...
uint8_t sMeasure
 S measure. More...
SpeedStatePars speedStatePars
 speed state parameters More...

Detailed Description

MeasConfig structure.

Definition at line 518 of file lte-rrc-sap.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ haveMeasGapConfig

◆ haveQuantityConfig

◆ haveSmeasure

◆ haveSpeedStatePars

◆ measGapConfig

◆ measIdToAddModList

◆ measIdToRemoveList

◆ measObjectToAddModList

◆ measObjectToRemoveList

◆ quantityConfig

◆ reportConfigToAddModList

◆ reportConfigToRemoveList

◆ sMeasure

◆ speedStatePars

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