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Example of a contributed code entry:

  1. NS-2 Emulation Extension (optimized for wireless networks)
    • Author: Daniel Mahrenholz, Svilen Ivanov
    • Description: This extension enables ns-2 to emulate wireless networks -- the emulation of wired networks is improved. External nodes can run inside a User-Mode-Linux environment or on external hosts. This extension includes several performace improvements and splits ns-2 into a real-time priority simulator core and a low-priority logging thread for in-memory trace file cacheing and compression. Example scripts and helper files can be found an the external project web site. More information can be found on the tutorial page.
    • Tested with: ns-2.27, ns-2.28, ns-2.29 (i386, amd64)
    • Distributed as: Patch
    • Location: http://www-ivs.cs.uni-magdeburg.de/EuK/forschung/projekte/nse/index.shtml