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There are several ways to contribute code to ns-3:

  1. Contribute to the main tree
  2. Send contributed code to one of the maintainers, for archiving on the project website (and listing here)
  3. Maintain or archive your code at your own site and add a link here

Contributed code under review for the main tree

The preferred place for contributed code to end up is in our main tree. See section 2 of the Current_Development page and current release page for a listing of all code that is under review for the main tree.

Contributed code in src/contrib

Please note that the src/contrib/ directory in ns-3 is a place for experimental code or code that the maintainers have not yet committed to accepting into the main tree. Some ns-3 code (such as statistics code) started out by living in the src/contrib/ directory while it was being evaluated. This is an alternate target for contributing your code.

Contributed code not maintained by the project

Not all code will end up being merged-- some is being maintained by third party sites or maintainers. This section can be used to list this other code. Note also that if you want the ns-3 project to maintain a tarball of your scripts or models for long-term archiving, we can list it here.

Contribution Contributor Status Link
Synchronized Network Emulation RWTH Aachen ns-3.7 version project website
NEMO/MIP simulator Hajime Tazaki announced here code repository
Content Addressable Networks DHT Vijay K. Gurbani et al announced here code repository
Pastry DHT Port Charilaos Papadopoulos early beta Personal Website
Access point address manager Francesco Malandrino details Download
Linux namespaces and ns-3 Tom Goff demo code wiki page

Archived repositories

These ns-3 repositories may be of interest to future users; many of them are prototypes that were never merged to the main tree and have been abandoned.