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On this page, we will try to maintain pointers to current ns-3 development work, and post some suggested project ideas.

If you are interested in collaborating on one of these projects, please do not hesitate to contact the individuals identified.

Note: Several ns-3 developers hang out on IRC at #ns-3 at A typically active time is around 1500 to 1900 UTC, Mondays through Fridays.

Current Development Projects

ns-3 Python bindings

ns-3 Emulation and Realtime Scheduler

In this context emulation means the ability to arange for the simulator to generate and consume data from the network in real time. There are two main pieces to this effort: a realtime simulator scheduler and prototypical net devices that allow connection to real system hardware.

Emulation and Realtime Scheduler has details.

Synchronous posix/sockets API

Network Simulation Cradle Integration

Florian Westphal is working on this Google Summer of Code Project for 2008.

Network Simulation Cradle Integration has details and will be updated as work progresses.

Visualization for ns-3

Jeremy Norman and the iNSpect team have posted some plans for a visualization library for ns-3:

IPv6 for ns-3

real-world application integration

Parallel simulations

Statistics for ns-3

802.11 PHY cleanup

Mathieu Lacage ( is working on 802.11 PHY cleanup to simplify addition of other 802.11 PHY models.

Delay Box for ns-3

Matt Crinklaw is working on a port of ns-2 DelayBox to ns-3.

Learning bridge

Ipv4 API, routing, cleanup

Suggested Projects

2008 Google Summer of Code Project Ideas

We have posted some project ideas for Google Summer of Code. Three of these have been picked up (see above) but others are candidates for future work.

Event Scheduler

  • Implement a "Calendar Queue" event scheduler. The reference paper is: Randy Brown, Calendar Queues: A Fast 0(1) Priority Queue Implementation for the Simulation Event Set Problem, CACM, 31(10):1220-1227, October 1988.
  • Implement a "Dynamic Calendar Queue" event scheduler. The reference paper is: JongSuk Ahn, SeungHyun Oh, "Dynamic Calendar Queue," ss, p. 20, Thirty-Second Annual Simulation Symposium, 1999.

Ns3 Wireless PHY

This project aims at building a high-quality set of PHY-level models for wireless networks: Ns3WirelessPhy

Traffic generation applications

George Riley ( is overseeing the porting of application models from GTNetS to ns-3.

Wireless routing protocol infrastructure

Wireless routing protocol infrastructure for mobile wireless networks. Contact: Mathieu Lacage (

Removing traffic generation from applications class