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Schedule for 1.0 release

  • 15th March, 2013: call for voluntary to walk through tutorial document and testing
  • 30th March, 2013: new feature freeze
  • (2weeks before release, TBD): code freeze
  • (TBD): RC-1
  • (TBD): dce-1.0 release

Call for volunteer of Testing, Reviewing

  • (with Instruction)
  • Test patterns
../bake.py configure -c ../bakeconf.xml -e dce-ns3
../bake.py configure -c ../bakeconf.xml -e dce-quagga

../bake.py configure -c ../bakeconf.xml -e dce-linux
../bake.py configure -c ../bakeconf.xml -e dce-quagga
../bake.py configure -c ../bakeconf.xml -e dce-umip 

Supported/Unsupported features

UcontextFiberManager PthreadFiberManager
CoojaLoaderFactory Supported Supported
CoojaLoaderFactory with elf-loader Should work, but won't support Unsupported (Bug1513)
DlmLoaderFactory with elf-loader Should work, but won't support Unsupported (Bug1513)

Bugs being worked

Pending code review

Things to do

  • migrate repository from 'furbani' to 'code'
  • migrate ns-3-linux and ns-3-linux-3 repository to github's one.
  • create jenkins test suite
  • fix valgrind errors (so many)
  • test with document (quick start guide, user's guide)
  • update web page (http://www.nsnam.org/projects/direct-code-execution/)
  • nsnam.org/doc/dce (ask Tom?)