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(future items)
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= future items =
= future items =
*DCE cradle (Bug 1499)
*<s>DCE cradle (Bug 1499) </s> dce-1.0
*Elf-loader issue (Bug 1513)
*Elf-loader issue (Bug 1513)
*<s>mptcp</s> dce-1.0
*Linux 802.15.4
*Linux 802.15.4

Revision as of 05:13, 8 May 2013

This page describes the basic information of the release process of ns-3-dce module.

Release Policy

Release Decision

Each DCE release satisfies the following requirements.

  • Resolve all P1 bugs in bugzilla (dce)
  • Pass all tests by test.py
  • (Optional) Pass all tests with valrgrind (test.py -g)

Release Cycle

DCE will be released newer version with the same timeframe of the ns-3 release, so that users will not be confused with the version and will see the stable version/release of DCE module.

Numbering (versioning)

DCE will have its own version number, tagged at release points into ns-3-dce repository.

  • tag manner: dce-x.y(-RCz)

Release style

The version of DCE release is handled by using bake.

Sub-modules (quagga/umip) operations

DCE is also able to have extensions, so-called "sub-modules". The sub-modules are located under "myscripts" directory of ns-3-dce, and build all sources (i.e., models, examples, documentations, etc) with a single waf script at the top ns-3-dce directory.

The design of DCE sub-modules should be aligned with the main part of ns-3, but takes this style for the moment.

dce-quagga and dce-umip are the first examples of sub-modules. each module is managed and released separately.

Supported platform




  • dce-1.0 April 2013
  • dce-1.1 August 2013
  • dce-1.2 December 2013

development support features

  • jenkins (regression/valgrind)
  • coverage (with Linux)

future items

  • DCE cradle (Bug 1499) dce-1.0
  • Elf-loader issue (Bug 1513)
  • mptcp dce-1.0
  • sctp
  • Linux 802.15.4
  • ipv6 linux stack helper
  • traces for arbitrary code (Bug 1598)
  • python binding (Bug 1455)