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When and where

Tuesday, 16 March 2010, Malaga, Spain, colocated with SIMUTools. ICST (the SIMUTools organizer) has arranged a room for us at the conference site.


If you are interested in attending, please put your name below:

  • Tom Henderson
  • Mathieu Lacage
  • Faker Moatamri
  • Hajime Tazaki
  • George Riley
  • Josh Pelkey
  • Jens Mittag
  • Nicola Baldo
  • Stylianos Papanastasiou
  • Pavel Boyko
  • Kirill Andreev
  • Patrick Fontaine
  • Elias Weingartner
  • Hendrik vom Lehn


The developers meeting will be open without registration, and the conference will provide coffee breaks and lunch. However, ICST is assuming that most or all attendees will be registered for either WNS-3 or SIMUTools main track, so if you plan to attend and you are not also registered and attending one of the other events that week (WNS-3 or SIMUTools), please contact Tom Henderson so that we can arrange for your lunch and coffee.


Here is a list of topics we could talk about: if you are interested in something, please, edit the following list accordingly and insert your name so that we can plan a useful list of discussion topics.

We will meet at 0900 and form an agenda based on the interests and peoples' availability

General maintenance issues

  • review process:
    • coding style updates
    • timeliness of reviews
    • usefulness of reviews
  • zero errors in doxygen?
  • documentation organization
  • update website design?
  • maintainers
  • lcov code coverage goals

Wireless development issues

  • Nicola would like to present his spectrum modeling repo
  • Wifi:
    • Status of work underway within various groups
    • PHY layer modeling: preamble synchronization
    • MAC block ack support: interaction with rate control
    • PHY layer modeling: implementation based on complex time samples (Jens Mittag)
    • Performance issues
  • Wimax:
    • current status, future work planned

General software issues

  • core:
    • missing features
    • problems with current API
    • NixVector in packet
    • trace source overhead
  • helper:
    • feedback about state of current API
    • improvements ?
  • test framework
  • build system and modularity
    • optimized builds take forever (see: build/optimized/bindings/python/ns3_module_ping6_3.o)

Statistics and NSF frameworks

  • Feedback/discussion on NSF plans and supporting better workflows
    • How should this work be coordinated with devel community?
  • what to do about statistics code in src/contrib
    • what are the requirements for internal statistics vs external libraries?
    • gather statistics about the simulator itself

Loose end development issues

  • Running code simulation
    • future work and plan (especially ns-3-simu)
  • External file support
    • e.g quagga.conf
  • Bugs in tracker to discuss?