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When and where

Tom and george will be in malaga for simutools on march 15-19 so this week is clearly the first option which makes sense. Holding the meeting in malaga, colocated with simutools, is the most obvious thing to do but there is also the option of hosting the meeting at the INRIA in france (i.e. I believe we have resources available to manage this kind of setup) depending on the travel requirements of others.


If you are interested in attending, please, put your name below with prefered dates and location:

  • Tom Henderson: sunday 14th or tuesday 16th, malaga
  • Mathieu Lacage: don't care about location/date
  • Faker Moatamri: don't care about location/date
  • Hajime Tazaki: Prefer to join at Malaga (, but not sure can attend)
  • George Riley: Definitely Malaga; prefer Tue Mar 16, but could do Sunday Mar 14th as well.


Here is a list of topics we could talk about: if you are interested in something, please, edit the following list accordingly and insert your name so that we can plan a useful list of discussion topics.

  • review process:
    • coding style updates
    • timeliness of reviews
    • usefulness of reviews
  • Wifi:
    • Status of work underway within various groups
    • PHY layer modeling: preamble synchronization
    • MAC block ack support: interaction with rate control
  • Wimax:
    • current status, future work planned
  • core:
    • missing features
    • problems with current API
  • helper:
    • feedback about state of current API
    • improvements ?
  • Running code simulation
    • future work and plan (especially ns-3-simu)