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When and where

Malaga, Spain, colocated with simutools. Day is still undecided, depending on room availability. Current options are:

 - sunday 14th
 - tuesday 16th


If you are interested in attending, please, put your name below with prefered dates and location:

  • Tom Henderson: sunday 14th or tuesday 16th, malaga
  • Mathieu Lacage: don't care about date
  • Faker Moatamri: don't care about date
  • Hajime Tazaki: (not sure can attend)
  • George Riley: Definitely Malaga; prefer Tue Mar 16, but could do Sunday Mar 14th as well.
  • Jens Mittag: would prefer Sunday 14th...


Here is a list of topics we could talk about: if you are interested in something, please, edit the following list accordingly and insert your name so that we can plan a useful list of discussion topics.

  • review process:
    • coding style updates
    • timeliness of reviews
    • usefulness of reviews
  • Wifi:
    • Status of work underway within various groups
    • PHY layer modeling: preamble synchronization
    • MAC block ack support: interaction with rate control
    • PHY layer modeling: implementation based on complex time samples (Jens Mittag)
  • Wimax:
    • current status, future work planned
  • core:
    • missing features
    • problems with current API
  • helper:
    • feedback about state of current API
    • improvements ?
  • Running code simulation
    • future work and plan (especially ns-3-simu)