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Location and Schedule

Will be held in Barcelona, on Saturday, March 26th. That's one day after WNS3 co-located with Simutools 2011.

The meeting will be hosted at the CTTC Demo Centre, calle Sancho de Avila 110-130, 08018 Barcelona.

Tentative Attendance

If you'd like to attend, please add your name.

  • Tom Henderson
  • Nicola Baldo
  • Ruben Merz
  • Felipe Perrone
  • Lalith Suresh
  • Marco Miozzo
  • Giuseppe Piro
  • George Riley
  • Mustafa Al-Bado
  • Pavel Boyko
  • Andrey Mazo
  • Aurimas Liutikas
  • Jose Nuñez
  • Jaime Ferragut
  • Justin P. Rohrer

Tentative Topics

  • Website review (Tom)
  • Documentation (Tom)
  • Data collection framework (Felipe)
  • Topology generation (George)
  • ns-3-click development (Lalith, Ruben)
  • ns-3 Summer of Code (Lalith)
  • Deterministic MAC/Physical wireless models for new users and for routing/transport development (Justin)
  • Simple non-IP network layer example (Justin)
  • Review modular build system
  • next phase of the modular build system
  • Usability of ns-3
    • e.g., using it as courseware
    • also look at feedback from mailing lists

Action Points

  • Tom to write the guidelines for release managers
  • Ruben to check for a polling system to poll/survey/googledocs