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(Tentative Topics)
(Tentative Attendance)
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* Lalith Suresh
* Lalith Suresh
* Peter Barnes
* Peter Barnes
* Nicola Baldo
= Tentative Topics =
= Tentative Topics =

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Location and Schedule

At the same hotel as SIMUTools 2012, on Saturday March 24, the day after WNS3

  • The meeting site is the same site as the conference
  • The meeting has no registration fees
  • The meeting is open to anyone interested
  • Arrangements for lunch and coffee are still being investigated.
  • The tentative schedule is 09h00-17h00 with lunch break.
  • Remote participation (e.g. WebEx and audio) is being investigated.

Tentative Attendance

If you'd like to attend, please add your name.

  • Tommaso Pecorella (University of Florence)
  • Tom Henderson
  • Felipe Perrone
  • George Riley
  • Lalith Suresh
  • Peter Barnes
  • Nicola Baldo

Tentative Topics

  • Memory leaks extermination process, see John Abraham mail: [1]
  • Review ns-3 packaging status (Fedora/Ubuntu), discuss long term support for releases
  • Review some emerging products of SAFE
    • Steady state and termination detector (code will be posted in advance of meeting)
    • API and architecture for data collection (code will be posted in advance of meeting)
    • Experiment execution manager
  • Further modularization of ns-3, including moving towards realizing the app store
  • Documentation: what are requirements for future merges, and how to define a realistic path to clean up and finish the current codebase
  • list netiquette and FAQ. Draft here: https://www.nsnam.org/wiki/index.php/Ns-3-users-netiquette.
  • check-style mercurial hook for ns-3-dev
  • new Jenkins CI system: what are the near-term requirements/priorities for this

Action Points