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Location and Schedule

At the same hotel as SIMUTools 2012, on Saturday March 24, the day after WNS3

  • The meeting site is the same site as the conference
  • The meeting has no registration fees
  • The meeting is open to anyone interested
  • Lunch and coffee will be provided.
  • The tentative schedule is 09h00-17h00 with lunch break.


  • Tommaso Pecorella (University of Florence)
  • Tom Henderson
  • Felipe Perrone
  • George Riley
  • Lalith Suresh
  • Peter Barnes
  • Nicola Baldo
  • Pavel Boyko
  • Kirill Andreev
  • Dmitry Petrov (University of Jyväskylä, Magister Solutions, Finland)
  • Jani Puttonen (Magister Solutions, Finland)
  • Hajime Tazaki
  • Mathieu Lacage
  • Daniel Camara
  • Alina Quereilhac
  • Frederic Urbani
  • James Sterbenz
  • Chris Main
  • Ken Renard


  • Gustavo Carneiro (remotely)
  • Vedran Miletić (remotely)
  • Resilinets group

Tentative Topics

Morning session: near-term release and development

  • ns-3.14 and ns-3.15 release plans (Tom H)
    • Review ns-3 packaging status (Fedora, Debian/Ubuntu), discuss long term support for releases
    • Code reviews
    • Bugs/patches to discuss
    • ns-3-rng status
  • Review requirements, plans, and schedule for further modularization of ns-3, including moving towards realizing the app store
  • Imposing a check-style mercurial hook for ns-3-dev (for .cc files only) (Tom H)
  • Documentation: what are requirements for future merges, and how to define a realistic path to clean up and finish the current codebase
  • new Jenkins CI system: what are the near-term requirements/priorities for this
    • Add clang build to build bots?
  • Review Google Summer of Code plans

Afternoon session: longer-term development and project issues

Action Points