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Location and Schedule

The meeting will occur Wed March 6 through Fri March 8 at INRIA Sophia Antipolis. INRIA will provide us with a large enough conference room to meet. We will meet for three days, and people can attend whatever portion they feel like.

A more detailed schedule will be posted at a later date.

Lodging and Directions

INRIA Sophia Antipolis is located on a hillside above Antibes / Juan les Pins, France. It is possible to reach the center by public transport from Antibes, Nice, and Cannes.

INRIA provides these directions on how to get to their site.

INRIA has provided a list of hotels nearby. The SIMUTools hotel can be used as well; there is a bus to INRIA from Cannes but I do not yet know the details. INRIA is reachable by the 100 Express bus from various stops in Juan les Pins (1 euro).

Checking in

To enter the facility, you will need to obtain a visitor badge. Details to be provided; check back later.


Attendance is free; however, you must register to attend to obtain a visitor badge. Please contact if you would like to attend.


Please add your name here if you intend to attend, and which days.

  • Tom Henderson, Wed, Thurs, Fri
  • Vedran Miletic, Wed, Thurs, Fri
  • George Riley, Wed, Thurs
  • Brian Swenson, Wed, Thurs
  • Nicola Baldo, Wed, Thurs, maybe Fri

Suggested agenda/topics

Please list suggested discussion topics below and we will build a schedule at a later date.

  • Object Start/Stop
  • ns-3 in education
  • XML as a language for simulation specification, Peter Barnes' talk
    • some ideas could be taken from SimGrid guys, they have rather small XML files that say a lot of things
  • data collection framework
  • variable test scope (bug 1563)