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# Code cleanups (Vedran Miletic)
# Code cleanups (Vedran Miletic)
# RPM packaging (Vedran Miletic)
# RPM packaging (Vedran Miletic)

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meeting minutes


Location and Schedule

Virtual, Thursday October 27 (19h00-21h00 UTC). For North American participants, this is 3pm-5pm EDT.

Suggested agenda/topics

(Not all items were covered during the actual meeting)

  1. Introductions: What is everyone working on these days?
    • Tom and Mitch, random number rework, 802.15.4, etc.
    • INRIA, introduce Daniel Camara, update on DCE and other INRIA activities
    • Peter Barnes, LLNL, would like to introduce his group
    • Vedran Miletic, CSMA; reliability (with Tommaso) and optics (hopefully)
    • others ...
  2. review of current codebase, buildbots, open code reviews, open bugs, release schedule, etc. (Tom)
  3. next steps with ns-3 app store concept and modular build (Mathieu)
  4. supporting GUIs (John)
  5. ns-3 for windows-- next steps (John)
  6. Code cleanups (Vedran Miletic)
  7. RPM packaging (Vedran Miletic)