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This page links to more information on the projects accepted for ns-3's 2009 Google Summer of Code effort.

Accepted Projects

  • Network Address Translation
    • Student: Qasim Javed
    • Mentor: Adrian Tam
    • Abstract: Network Address Translation node model will be implemented for ns-3. Specifically, Network Address and Port Translation will be implemented for Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) environments. This work will include studying the Linux Kernel NAT implementation, and reusing ideas such as connection tracking and NAT helpers to realize NAT for ns-3.
  • Minstrel Rate Adaptation
    • Student Name: Duy Nguyen
    • Mentor Name: Ruben Merz
    • Abstract: Minstrel is a well-known rate control algorithm in madwifi and linux kernel, based on Sample rate control algorithm. Our goal for this project is to port this control rate algorithm to NS-3. We will validate this port against the testbeds' experiements(with implementation of minstrel in the linux kernel). We hope our findings will contribute some further improvements to NS-3 simulator.
    • Wiki Page: Minstrel Rate Control
  • Uplink Scheduler for WiMAX
    • Student Name: Flavio Kubota
    • Mentor Name: Juliana Freitag Borin
    • Abstract: The ns-3 WiMAX module lacks the implementation of a more sophisticated uplink scheduler for QoS provisioning. The main goal of this project is to port the uplink scheduler implemented in the ns-2 WiMAX module developed by the Computer Networks Laboratory at University of Campinas to the ns-3 WiMAX module. The second goal of this project is to implement propagation and error models to allow the simulation of more realistic scenarios.
    • Wiki Page: Uplink Scheduler for WiMAX