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Accepted Projects

This page links to more information on the projects accepted for ns-3's 2010 Google Summer of Code effort.

UAN Framework: AUV simulator and power management layer


  • Student: Blake Hurd
  • Mentor: Josh Pelkey
  • Abstract: This project will enable ns-3 simulations to use OpenFlow switches (McKeown et al.), widely used in research. OpenFlow switches are configurable via the OpenFlow API, and also have an MPLS extension for quality-of-service and service-level-agreement support. By extending these capabilities to ns-3 for a simulated OpenFlow switch that is both configurable and can use the MPLS extension, ns-3 simulations can accurately simulate many different switches
  • Wiki Page: ns-3-OpenFlow
  • Mid Term Report: ns-3-OpenFlow Mid Term Report

MAC and PHY models for LTE

  • Student: Giuseppe Piro
  • Mentors: Nicola Baldo
  • Abstract: Long Term Evolution represents an emerging and promising technology for providing a broadband ubiquitous Internet access.

Unfortunately, no ns-3 modules have been developed to simulate LTE networks. This project consist of a development of a framework to simulate LTE networks on ns-3, composed by (i) a standard compliant LTE PHY layer, (ii) two LTE network devices (UE and eNB), (iii) a Bearer Manager and a MAC Queue structure, and (iv) a Frame Manager and a Downlink Resource Allocation.

NS-3 Click Modular Router Integration