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Project Overview

  • Project Name: Direct Code Execution Modernization
  • Student: Parth Pratim Chatterjee
  • Mentors: Tom Henderson, Apoorva Bhargava, Vivek Jain
  • Project Goals: DCE currently makes use of net-next-nuse to extend the Linux kernel internals like the networking stack to host applications but over the years the project hasn't been updated with the latest releases of the Linux kernel. As Linux progressed with newer releases, a major part of the source code changed, making previous glue code incompatible with the newer implementations of the network stack as some of the init calls and function usage changed significantly making migration to newer releases non-trivial. This project aims at enabling support for latest Linux kernel features and toolchains in the DCE environment with support for the socket networking stack, sysctl interfaces, system call access, etc. without any changes to the user APIs currently being used by host applications. The project aims at incorporating the LKL(Linux Kernel Library) into the DCE environment for host applications to effortlessly make use of Linux kernel stacks with minimum to no change in existing simulation scripts.
  • Repository:
  • About Me: I'm a freshman Computer Science undergraduate student at Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Bhubaneshwar, India. I have a keen interest in Linux internals and computer networking. I was a grand prize winner at Google Code-In, 2018 for ns-3 organization, which helped me initially get introduced to DCE. I have an aptitude for Competitive Programming and heavily make use of C/C++, STL and other OOP concepts in solving algorithmic puzzles. I have an experience with C/C++ and Python of more than 3 years, working on projects for numerous Hackathons.

Milestones and Deliverables