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Git Migration

This page recap all the open questions for the migration to the git tool for managing source code.

We all agree on the fact that a giant, important step like this requires coordination, and the feedback/contribution of many people as possible, especially current maintainers. We do not want to worse their life quality, as they are the concrete walls on which ns-3 bases its life. The process of updating the source code management system will be split into different sequential phases. Each phase will be used as input for the next phase.

Phase 1 - 30 April - 14 May: Definition of questions to be answered: Each ns-3 users can put questions on this page that he/she would like to have it answered. The questions can have multiple points. Users can add points to each question.

Phase 2 - 15 May - 09 June: Answering of questions: Each developer starts answering the questions (even not his/her own) with his/her proposal. Each proposal can be refined, discussed on the mailing list, and so on.

Phase 3 - 10 June - 17 June: Live talks in wns3: In this week the proposal can be discussed live.

Phase 4 - 18 June - 20 June: Voting: If there are questions with conflicting proposals, the current maintainers will have a vote on what proposal should be implemented.

Phase 5 - 21 June - 1 July - Implementation: The maintainers will start migrate the source code.

Questions for phase 1

  1. (nat) Should we move some modules to move to contrib?
  2. (nat) What modules should we move to contrib?
  3. (nat) Define the service we will use (GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket)
  4. (nat) Define the official branches (stable releases, development) and how the versions are managed
  5. (nat) Define a workflow for stable fixes, and development fixes/features
  6. (nat) Define the accepted code review models
  7. (nat) Define the permissions of the user inside the projects
  8. (nat) Define how the contrib/ modules will be fetched and compiled

Add your own question by prefixing your (recognizable) name

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5