Global Routing for Ipv6

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NSOC2011Global Routing for Ipv6


This project provides the Dynamic Routing for Ipv6 in ns-3. Currently Ipv6 implements only Static Routing and List Routing. The Global Routing implementations of Ipv4 will be extended to support the Ipv6 support as well.

The Open Shortest Path First(OSPF) Dynamic Routing algorithm has only been implemented yet in ns-3.

The specifications for OSPF Global Routing(OSPFv3) is provided in RFCs: RFC 2740 and RFC 5340.


Inheritance diagram of Global Routing for Ipv6

New Classes



Project Timeline

Description Timeline
Designing and creating Ipv6 module using the Ipv4 Global Routing design May 23 - June 5
LSA Format Changes Implementation June 6 - June 17
Link-Local Address implementation June 18 - June 26
Addition of Flooding Scope June 27 - July 5
Support for Multiple Interfaces on same Link July 6 - July 22
Mid Term Code Review + Feedback July 11 - July 15
Dynamic Nix Vector Routing for Ipv6 July 23 - August 14
End Term Code Review + Feedback August 15 - August 19

Weekly Timesheet

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Mid Term Review Request:

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