HOWTO get ns-3 running on Mac OS X (10.6.2 Intel)

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The installation instructions included in this page are not meant to be comprehensive and represent only one of the many ways of getting ns-3 to build in a Snow Leopard Mac OS X system. Commands should be run from a Terminal window.

1) Install XCode:

You will find XCode in the Mac OS X Install DVD that came with your Mac. Alternatively, you can download the most recent version of XCode from the Apple Developer Connection website ( The XCode development environment includes the gcc compiler and critical libraries required to build applications to be run in Mac OS X.

2) Install Fink:

2.1) Download Fink (source release version 0.29.10) from 2.2) Extract the contents of the file and enter open up the Terminal in the resulting folder. 2.3) Install Fink with the ./bootstrap command (during the interactive installation process, select the 32 bit installation). 2.4) Execute /sw/bin/ in order to setup the environment variables for Fink. 2.5) Execute fink selfupdate to freshen the Fink install with updated packages.

3) Install Mercurial:

3.1) Download the Mercurial 1.4.2 binary package from 3.2) Perform the installation of Mercurial and verify that the installation was successful

4) Download source code:

4.1 Open

5) Build the local repository: