HOWTO get ns-3 running on Mac OS X (10.6.2 Intel)

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The installation instructions included in this page are not meant to be comprehensive and represent only one of the many ways of getting ns-3 to build in a Snow Leopard Mac OS X system. Commands should be run from a Terminal window.

1) Install XCode

You will find XCode in the Mac OS X Install DVD that came with your Mac. Alternatively, you can download the most recent version of XCode from the Apple Developer Connection website ( The XCode development environment includes the gcc compiler and critical libraries required to build applications to be run in Mac OS X.

2) Install Fink

2.1) Download Fink (source release version 0.29.10) from

2.2) Extract the contents of the file and enter open up the Terminal in the resulting folder.

2.3) Install Fink with the ./bootstrap command (during the interactive installation process, select the 32 bit installation).

2.4) Execute /sw/bin/ in order to setup the environment variables for Fink.

2.5) Execute fink selfupdate to freshen the Fink install with updated packages.

3) Install Mercurial

3.1) Download the Mercurial 1.4.2 binary package from 3.2) Perform the installation of Mercurial and verify that the installation was successful

4) Download source code

4.1 Open

5) Build the local repository