LTE RRC Extension

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Objective Current RRC entity in the present LTE module of ns-3 has the handling of user plane. This proposal is to enhance and develop the RRC entity is ns-3 LTE for control plane handling in UE and eNodeB. We aim to incorporate following functionality viz. Paging, System Information (MIB, SIBType1 and SIBType2) and connection control (RRC establishment, RRC reconfiguration, RRC release and RRC resource configuration)

List of Functions to be implemented in this project • System Information: Reception and transmission at UE and eNodeB • Paging: Reception and Transmission at UE and eNodeB • Connection control Procedures: Following procedures have been identified for the implementation in during NSoC 2011.

       RRC connection establishment ,
       RRC Connection Reconfiguration ,
       RRC Connection Release ,
       UE action upon leaving