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This page is a placeholder for coordinating development of the lr-wpan model for ns-3.


Some initial code is available at Please see Sphinx documentation for a description of what is already done in this repository. This repository is only the starting point for a full 802.15.4 model.


Some initial code is available at The code will implement (hopefully) RFCs 4944 and 6282. This repository is a development repository, so the code might be not fully implemented and contain some horrible bugs. The interested contributors are more than welcome to contact me.

The "Neighbor Discovery Optimization for Low Power and Lossy Networks", also called 6LoWPAN-ND draft is being considered for implementation. It could be extremely useful to study WSN bootstrap operations and proper RPL neighbor discovery under limited (i.e., non-multicast capable) assumptions. The draft can be found here: 6LoWPAN IETF WG

RPL (Routing Over Low power and Lossy networks)

RPL is being developed by Tommaso Pecorella (and others). No repository is actually available and only a restricted set of developers have access to the code. It will be released as soon as it's ready for the general use. Some of the features that will be in the model are: - full support for custom metrics - Storing with multicast support MOP - P2P routes

ns-2 models

  • A thorough model for 802.15.4 is implemented in ns-2 and described here
  • This work did some additional work on the ns-2 model.
  • more description of the ns-2 implementation is here

Next steps

There is presently no layer above this 802.15.4 that makes use of this code; ZigBee is a technology that could build on this. Non-IP packet generation, and routing, could be two topics of further development.

This could be a placeholder section for who is doing what, in the future.