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== Upcoming Releases ==
== Upcoming Releases ==
* Information about '''ns-3.11''', tentatively scheduled for May 8, 2011, will be tracked [[Ns-3.11 | on the ns-3.11 wiki page]].  Our most recent release was [[Ns-3.10 | ns-3.10]].
* Information about '''ns-3.12''', tentatively scheduled for Fall 2011, will be tracked [[Ns-3.12 | on the ns-3.12 wiki page]].  Our most recent release was [[Ns-3.11 | ns-3.11]].
== Upcoming Events ==
== Upcoming Events ==

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This wiki complements the ns-3 main web site. Account Policy: Due to spam problems, we have disabled the ability for newly created user accounts to edit/move pages; even our experience on the ns-2 wiki with Mediawiki captchas has ineffective. For now, if you create a new account and want edit privileges, just email [1] with your username and we will enable it for write privileges. Note: ns-2 has a separate wiki, at http://nsnam.isi.edu/nsnam

Upcoming Releases

Upcoming Events

Recent Events

Current ns-3-dev Build and Test Results

To see detailed information for a particular system and compiler combination, find the appropriate column. For example, "fc10-g++-4.4.0" indicates that a Fedora Core 10 system using the g++ 4.4.0 compiler has been used to build and run the tests. Scroll down until you see build results in that column. Select a "[view results]" link to view the test framework reports for the current build. Note that time flows from bottom to top in this display. This means that most recent build is shown first in the column, but it also means that the results for each build instance are shown "backward" with the Mercurial pull at the bottom, and the optimized build results at the top.

Next Level

We have created the following pages to allow ns-3 users to contribute various information:

  • Roadmap - Plans for future releases, and what developers are working on
  • Current Development - What people are working on for ns-3
  • Developer FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions for ns-3 developers
  • User FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions for ns-3 users
  • HOWTOs - HOWTOs guides for various simulation activities
  • Samples - Code samples and examples
  • Troubleshooting - Tips for working around compilation, etc. problems
  • Contributed Code - Links to third-party ns-3 software contributions
  • Papers - Research papers about ns-3 or using ns-3