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Main Page - Current Development - Developer FAQ - Tools - Related Projects - Project Ideas - Summer Projects

Installation - Troubleshooting - User FAQ - HOWTOs - Samples - Models - Education - Contributed Code - Papers

This wiki complements the ns-3 main web site. To reduce spam, we ask that all contributors create an account before editing pages.

Note: ns-2 has a wiki also, at

We have created the following pages to allow ns-3 users to contribute various information:

  • User FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions for ns-3 users
  • Developer FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions for ns-3 developers
  • HOWTOs - HOWTOs guides for various simulation activities
  • Troubleshooting - Tips for working around compilation, etc. problems
  • Contributed Code - Links to third-party ns-3 software contributions
  • Suggested Projects - Suggestions for people to work on extensions to ns-3
  • Related Projects - Links to related projects that ns-3 community should know about and track
  • Papers - Research papers about ns-3 or using ns-3