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Wednesday April 28, 7:00am-8:00am Pacific Time (14:00-15:00 UTC)

Zoom meeting:

Meeting ID: 930 5472 6761

Passcode: 561440


Agenda items for Wednesday Apr 28, 2021 ns-3 maintainers meeting:

  • ns-3.34 (May) release coordination

I plan to review, in a screenshare, the current tracker and discuss which issues and MRs qualify for an 'ns-3.34' tag (and who we can assign to work them, by which date).

  • Any other topics


Attending: Tom Henderson, Mohit Tahiliani, Tommaso Pecorella, Rediet, Stefano Avallone, Manoj Kumar Rana, Mattia Lecci, Tommaso Zugno (apologies if I missed anyone)

No meeting materials were used, aside from the tracker.

The meeting briefly reviewed a number of issues and merge requests tagged as 'bug' or as 'ns-3.34' to discuss relevance to ns-3.34 release. We will use the ns-3.34 tag to flag issues and merge requests that are being worked on for the release. Stefano commented that he has one more merge request to post (round robin scheduler) before trying to finalize 11ax. Mohit would like BBRv1 to be included. Tommaso Pecorella would like Alberto's LR-WPAN patch included, as well as fixing the MPI issue #365, ARP/NDISC cache issues, and a few other things. In general, we avoided any detailed discussions of issues, preferring to take them up among the interested maintainers after the meeting.

Longer term, Tommaso Pecorella remarked that the TCP examples needed some work, and Mohit replied that some rework is already in progress, along with some ideas for refactoring the documentation.

We had discussion of some core issues that we would like to include, such as better Boost handling. Regarding build system extensions, Tommaso remarked that we should involve Gabriel and avoid supporting too many variants for Windows (mingw, cygwin, WSL, CMake, Visual Studio) since it will cause more maintenance. We agreed to hold a separate discussion.

Tom would like to have an ns-3.35 planning meeting in early June, prior to WNS3 week. Tommaso Pecorella would like to discuss moving some code out of ns-3 mainline to contrib code, such as wimax.

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