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Topic: ns-3.37 planning

Two occurrences:

  • May 11, 2022 08:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada), 15h00 UTC
  • May 12, 2022 08:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada), 15h00 UTC

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Meeting ID: 978 3803 9084 Passcode: 457992


  • Workflow
  • ns-3.36 maintenance release?
  • ns-3.37 (date??) release coordination
  • Any other topics


Contributors list their priorities here.

Tom Henderson

Near term:

  • DCE 1.12 for ns-3.35 release
  • Issues: anything with a 'bug' label
  • Whitespace/style (clang-format, clang-tidy)?
  • New features:  !918 (lte HO failure), !370 (net device state), !821 (circle mobility), !546,!648-!650 (clipping), !431 (full duplex CSMA), !529 (distributed MPI), Flent application

Longer term:

  • DCE 1.13 for ns-3.36/CMake, Linux 5.10 kernel
  • Move unmaintained modules to app store (e.g. wimax)
  • Update tutorial (with Mohit Tahiliani)

Stefano Avallone

  • architecture for multi-link (multi-phy)
  • 11be items
  • preparatory changes for 11be (Queue !891)

Peter Barnes

  • Idiom for Ptr boolean tests (!948)


Wednesday meeting

Attending: Tom Henderson, Peter Barnes, Biljana Bojovic, Ameya Deshpande, Uzoma Onunkwo, Michael Scoggin, Stefano Avallone, Gabriel Arrobo, Gabriel Ferreira, Mohit Tahiliani


- Gabriel Arrobo: Need to clean out old issues/MRs? Tom: perhaps a post-release task to find stale/'no longer relevant' tasks? Peter: don't want to lose some of these; can we tag them somehow?

- Peter: when issues are closed not by merged, can't determine whether 'fixed' or 'not relevant'... need to mark them.

- Tom: Should MRs be put on a schedule (for maintainers to review/merge)? Any other workflow improvements?

ns-3.36 maintenance release

- Tom: probably could use one (sooner rather than later). Scratch directory improvements, some cherrypicked Wi-Fi commits. - Gabriel Ferreira: Debug build flags as suggested by Gabriel Arrobo - Stefano: latest patch !948 fixes issue with recently released g++12 - Sqlite support? Lengthy discussion (issue #644). Gabriel Ferreira favors header macro such as before, to limit the scope of linking. Peter favors build-system detection and compilation flag-- argues that it is less confusing to users. Biljana reported some uncertainty about how it works (related to nr module). Tom had also favored the compilation flag in the past-- suggested to go with that. Still an issue to decide (scope of compilation flag).

ns-3.37 release goals

Stefano expressed goals around 11be support (listed above). Peter's top priority seems to be !732. We agreed to pick this topic up again tomorrow (meeting ran out of time for further discussion).

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