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Topic: ns-3 examples

  • Sept 15, 2022 08:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada), 15h00 UTC

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Meeting ID: 994 3396 0095

Passcode: 171466


The session will be led by Mohit Tahiliani.

This session focuses on the usability aspects of ns-3, especially the examples. The ns-3 repository has a large number of examples. Most of the examples are available in the ‘examples/’ directory but quite a few are also available in ‘src//examples’ directories. Typically, a new example is added to the repository when a new feature is introduced in ns-3. However, in the majority of the cases, the new examples being added are not (and sometimes, they cannot be) an incremental update of existing examples. This could be due to the fact that existing examples are not suitable to be updated to demonstrate the new feature being added or maybe the developers find it more convenient to work on the examples that they have already developed for their work. This has led to the ns-3 repository having a large number of examples, but with little to no continuity. Currently, it is not possible to draw a lineage, or a set of small lineages, among the examples that are available in ns-3. Consequently, this makes it difficult for the ns-3 users to incrementally learn the features supported by ns-3. In this session, we will discuss the possible ways to restructure the examples in the ns-3 repository to make it easy for ns-3 users to get started, and comfortably move further with simulating advanced features using ns-3.

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