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(Project Overview)
(Milestones and Deliverables)
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= Milestones and Deliverables =
= Milestones and Deliverables =
* [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nApGYZOdvD6oXaSjmkGeZvYPfTaXhxT6HWHrretiXGI/edit?usp=sharing Detailed Project Plan] (will be continuously updated throughout the NSoC program duration)
* [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nApGYZOdvD6oXaSjmkGeZvYPfTaXhxT6HWHrretiXGI/edit?usp=sharing Detailed Project Plan and Approach] ( I will continuously update throughout the NSoC program duration)

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Project Overview

  • Project Name: Ping and Ping6 Enhancements in ns-3
  • Student: Chandrakant Jena
  • Mentors: Tommaso Pecorella, Tom Henderson
  • Project Goals: Create a new Ping application for ns-3, to replace the existing v4Ping and Ping6.
    • The two applications "V4Ping" and "Ping6" do their respective jobs, but they have some main issues:
      • They have different parameters
      • There is a lot of code duplication
      • They have an output that is not consistent with the one you get in Linux
  • Repository: https://gitlab.com/tommypec/ns-3-dev-new-ping (branch 'nsoc-22')
  • About Me: I am currently a BCA Student (Bachelor's of Computer Application) at Utkal University, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India. I am interested in Computer Networking and Problem-solving. I have a huge interest in Opensource software development, I was excited to open source in my 6th Grade when I first used the vlc media player. I started open source by participating in GCI, I contributed to CCEXTRACTOR but due to some academic commitments I was not able to complete it. I have developed several projects during my academics (Linked In) and Finally got a chance to develop some projects of my interest i.e Computer Networking. I Joined Ns-3 in September 2021 because I developed some interest in computer Networking and always wanted to get some practical experience, Thanks to Ns-3. Apart from this, I am a sports lover, I used to play cricket and football which later refreshes my mind and help me to concentrate on my work.

Milestones and Deliverables