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Neighbour Table Manipulation Helper API

  • Abstract: ns-3 currently doesn't provide a flexible way to manipulate the Neighbour Table Entries i.e ArpCache in IPv4 and Neighbor Discovery Cache in IPv6. The goal of this summer project is to provide a robust API and a user-friendly API to manipulate the neighbor table. The former will provide methods to Add, Delete, Modify and Flush entries in the Neighbor Table. The latter will be loosely based on the popular 'iproute2' program and would support parameters passed as iproute2 commands. In addition to this, support for Static Entries will also be added.
  • About Me: I'm a bachelor student at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani currently pursuing my degree in Electronics and Instrumentation. I'm also doing my internship at CEERI, Pilani where my focus is to implement a low-power consuming ZigBee Sensor Network.


The idea is to study the current implementation of ARP and Neighbor Discovery Protocols in ns-3 and do as minimal changes as possible to provide a fully functional API for Neighbor Table Manipulation. The API will be designed to take a Node object in its constructor and will provide methods to manipulate the Neighbor Table Entries. Then, the user-friendly API will be designed to parse parameters passed on to it as iproute2 commands and call the robust API to execute the necessary functions. Finally, a new entry for Static cache will be created by adding a new "Permanent" state for cached entries. Relevant functions will be modified to reflect this change.