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Ns-3 Users Netiquette

Ns-3 Users is a Google group, i.e., a very wide mailing list. There is no explicit moderation policy beside some spam filters. Hence, all the posters shall behave nicely and follow the general Internet netiquette rules.

The Internet Netiquette rules are summarized in RFC 1855. Read it and understand it.

Moreover, the following applies to ns-3 Users group in particular:

  1. ns-3 is an open-source simulator. Very few people are paid to develop it and, more specifically, to post on ns-3-users. Answers/discussions are on a best effort basis, and it may not be possible to respond to everything.
  2. If you don't get a reply to your post in a reasonable time (more or less one week) you may politely bump your previous post; however, see the above point.
  3. ns-3 users are presumed to have C++ or Python coding skills. Post your questions *after* trying your best to fix the issue. If you have very basic C++ problems the reply might be not so pleasant.
    "Trying your best to fix the issue" includes (but is not limited to):
    1. Use a search engine.
    2. Dig into ns-3-users archives.
    3. Search the ns-3 wiki (http://www.nsnam.org/wiki), ns-3 manual and ns-3 DoxyGen (http://www.nsnam.org/documentation/).
    4. look at ns-3 code.
  4. Do not post code. Use a pastebin to share any non-trivial length of code (if needed) and include a link.
  5. Be precise in the topic/subject line. "Need help, plz" is not a good topic.

Also, the following two very important points are mandatory:

  1. Do *not* search for help if your problem is about a task assigned for a class by your professor. He/she might follow the group as well.
  2. If your problem is not trivial and you found the solution, spend 10 minutes to write a HowTo or to send us a documentation patch. Please also follow up on the ns-3-users group with your solution.

HowTo formatting is the very same as the ones here: http://www.nsnam.org/wiki/index.php/HOWTOs Please edit the wiki yourself (contact the wiki maintainer if you need an account), post documentation patches to the tracker, or send the patch or update to the documentation maintainer.