Network Simulation Cradle Integration

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Network Simulation Cradle Integration

Network Simulation Crade (nsc) is a project to allow real-world network stacks to be used in simulated networks. A porting effort to bring nsc to version 3 of the network simulator was started by Tom Henderson. This Project continues this work and also will update at least the Linux network stack to current git (2.6.26).


  • Allow ns-3-nsc to write proper trace files
  • Integrate nsc into ns-3 without circumventing ns-3s tcp/ip infrastructure
  • extend ns-3 API so users can create "Linux-Nodes", "FreeBSD-Nodes", etc.

The first step is to get proper trace support to allow easier debugging/testing during development. Depending on whats required/requested this project will also extend nsc to support a more recent linux kernel release, but this will happen only after the main intergration into ns-3 is complete.

Current Status

A forward-port (to a recent version of ns-3-dev) based on Tom Hendersons earlier nsc integration work has been done. This port also uses the latest nsc release (0.3.0). The main problems with the current version are:

  • Hooks into ns-3 ip/tcp stack to redirect calls to nsc
  • cannot write proper trace files (ns-3 adds a second TCP header on top)

Full-Time work (starting with trace support) is expected to commence June 1st.