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This page summarizes the ongoing release planning for ns-3.10. We are seeking a volunteer for release manager.

Proposed Release Schedule

  1. December 18 -- code freeze
  2. December 20 -- First release candidate posted
  3. January 5 -- ns-3.10 posted

Already merged

Pending code reviews

Under current active review:

These other reviews and repositories are pending:

Our four GSOC projects are also nearly ready for merge.

Priority bugs

Feature requests

  • make spectrum model compatible with ns-3 WiFi
  • ns-2 packet UID feature
  • API for TOS bytes (issue 897) may wait for netfilter support
  • NetAnim trace hooks for wireless (patch in preparation)
  • Chord/DHT (authors are planning to revise code based on comments)
  • app store and build system refactoring
  • remove ./waf --regression
  • fragmentation for IPv4: being worked by Vedran Miletic
  • TDMA wireless model