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This page summarizes the ongoing release planning for ns-3.10. Josh Pelkey and Tom Henderson will manage the release.

Proposed Release Schedule

Please test our release candidates on your system, and provide

  1. December 23 -- First release candidate posted (feature/API freeze)
  2. December 30 -- Second release candidate posted (code freeze)
  3. January 3 -- Third release candidate posted (code and documentation freeze)
  4. January 5 -- ns-3.10 posted

Already merged

Bug list

The documentation (manual) needs updating, and a conversion to Sphinx as discussed on the mailing list is pending. This should be done by the RC2 timeframe.

We're trying to get these bugs fixed before final code freeze (RC2).

Future work for ns-3.11

These items appear to be slipping to future releases.

New features

Priority bugs

Feature requests

Not likely for ns-3.10 but will carry forward to ns-3.11.

  • make spectrum model compatible with ns-3 WiFi
  • ns-2 packet UID feature
  • API for TOS bytes (issue 897) may wait for netfilter support
  • NetAnim trace hooks for wireless
  • Chord/DHT (authors are planning to revise code based on comments)
  • app store and build system refactoring
  • fragmentation for IPv4: being worked by Vedran Miletic
  • TDMA wireless model
    • being worked on by Hemanth Narra