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= Candidate Contributions for Inclusion in ns-3.12 =
= Candidate Contributions for Inclusion in ns-3.12 =
* BRITE Integration
** will put up a code review after ns-3.11 release
* [http://codereview.appspot.com/2104052/show Virtual Access Point (VAP) for WiFi]
* [http://codereview.appspot.com/2104052/show Virtual Access Point (VAP) for WiFi]
** insufficient reviews
** insufficient reviews

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This page summarizes the ongoing release planning for ns-3.12. No release manager is named yet.

Proposed Release Schedule

  1. May TBD -- ns-3.11 posted, ns-3.12 open phase begins.

Please see Release Process concerning general aspects of the release schedule.

Candidate Contributions for Inclusion in ns-3.12

ns-3.12 Features Merged

To be listed here.

The ns-3.12 Bug List

To be listed here.

Feature requests

  • make spectrum model compatible with ns-3 WiFi
  • ns-2 packet UID feature
  • API for TOS bytes (issue 897) may wait for netfilter support
  • Chord/DHT (authors are planning to revise code based on comments)
  • app store and build system refactoring
  • fragmentation for IPv4: being worked by Vedran Miletic and Tommaso Pecorella
  • TDMA wireless model
    • being worked on by Hemanth Narra

To Do List

Mitch Watrous is working on the following modular build-related items:

  1. Make python examples not be run if they have unbuilt dependencies. (This requires creation of waf build log file.)
  2. Make C++ examples with unbuilt dependencies not be run. (This also requires creation of waf build log file.)
  3. Update documentation: fix module paths.
  4. Update documentation: how to use the configuration (.ns3rc) file

Documentation updates are planned:

  1. Update project documentation for modular build changes (Mitch Watrous)
  2. Split existing manual to a "developers manual" and a "model library" manual
  3. Remove "testing" document; move pieces to developers manual and model library manual
  4. Add python page to manual
  5. Remove duplicate doxygen documentation
  6. Create module template that can be easily cloned
  7. Create datasheet for ns-3
  8. Create cheatsheet(s) for ns-3
  9. Write down duties of release manager somewhere

Coding style update is being considered.