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On January 7, 2021, ns-3.33 was published. This page lists some minor issues that have been fixed in the mainline since that time, but we considered to be minor enough to just list here rather than make a maintenance release to update ns-3.33.

ns-3 openflow module fails to compile

During the ns-3.33 release cycle, some conditional (optional) code related to Boost C++ libraries was introduced to the file src/core/model/length.h. Boost has also been recommended to be installed for openflow support (although we have discovered, in debugging this, that it is no longer needed).

This caused an unintended interaction with a token in the wscript file for the ns-3 openflow module. As a result, when the openflow OFSID switch library is included in the Waf configuration, and ns-3 tries to build the openflow module, a compilation error occurs; a subset of the error output is shown below:

/usr/include/boost/units/dimension.hpp:63:30: error: parse error in template argument list
     typedef typename detail::static_power_impl<DL::size::value>::template apply<

This will be fixed in the ns-3.34 release, and is fixed if you migrate to ns-3-dev.

If you want to use the ns-3 openflow module with ns-3.33 release, please select one of the following two options:

1) Replace the file src/openflow/wscript from your ns-3.33 release with the one found here:


or 2) Disable the conditional boost code in the file src/core/model/length.h as described here:


vanet-routing-compare.cc does not run

The program vanet-routing-compare.cc exits with an error:

msg="GlobalValue name=VRCcumulativeBsmCaptureStart: input value is not a string", file=../src/core/model/global-value.cc, line=128
terminate called without an active exception

This will be fixed in the ns-3.34 release, and is fixed if you migrate to ns-3-dev.

To patch ns-3.33 release to fix this problem, apply the patch that can be downloaded from the following URL: