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This page was used to summarize the release planning for ns-3.34. The ns-3 release process is listed here and here.

Note: This page is no longer being maintained but is here for future reference.

Release goals

This page highlights some features and issues that ns-3 maintainers have mentioned as goals for ns-3.34. For a more current look at what is being actively worked on, search for the 'ns-3.34' milestone in the issue tracker and merge request tracker:

The following goals have been listed by various ns-3 maintainers, with notes about progress towards them.

  • Finish 2020 Google Summer of Code and ns-3 Summer of Code merges
    • Status: App Store and most of queue code have been merged. TCP Prague and NetDeviceState is still unmerged (will slip to future release).
  • Wi-Fi: Merge the pending 802.11ax support (see the Merge Request tracker), PHY layer rework, possibly 11be and NR-U
    • Status: Stefano has one more patch (round robin scheduler) to post and merge, and then we can declare
  • Traffic control: Remaining CAKE support (ACK filtering)
    • Status: Postponed to future release.
  • TCP: Add BBRv1 and BBRv2 models, and other lingering TCP patches (FACK, DSACK, RACK, AccECN, ECN++); path MTU discovery?
    • Status: BBRv1 is still in the ns-3.34 plan; other feature for
  • core: Additional support for newer C++ language features
    • Status: Can add up to C++14 to the extent that changes do not impact our Python bindings
  • underwater acoustic networks: integration with world ocean simulation system (WOSS)
    • Status: TBD
  • full-duplex CSMA
    • Status: Probably slipping to future release
  • phased array antenna
    • Status: Merged
  • hexagonal position allocator
    • Status: Probably slipping to future release.
  • 6LoWPAN neighbor discovery and RFC alignment, possibly RPL
    • Status: Probably slipping to future release.