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Research using ns-3

This page lists papers written using ns-3. If you want to add your paper to the list, please paste in a bibtex entry or send the bibtex to a wiki maintainer.

<bibtex> @inproceedings{maguolo:mediawin2008,

 author={Federico Maguolo and Mathieu Lacage and Thierry Turletti},
 title={Efficient Collision Detection for Auto Rate Fallback Algorithm},
 booktitle={Third Workshop on multiMedia Applications over Wireless Networks (MediaWiN 2008)},

} </bibtex>

<bibtex> @inproceedings{kopena:netdb2007,

 author={Joseph B. Kopena and Boon Thau Loo},
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 booktitle={4th International Workshop on Networking Meets Databases},

} </bibtex>

<bibtex> @inproceedings{bonada:simutools2008,

 author={Eduard Bonada, Darko Cavic},
 title={(Poster) How to implement a layer 2 bridge in ns-3},
 booktitle={1st ACM/ICST International Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques for Communications, Networks and Systems (SIMUTools 2008)},

} </bibtex>

<bibtex> @inproceedings{farroq:simutools2009,

 author={J. Farooq and T. Turletti},
 title={An IEEE 802.16 WiMAX Module for the NS-3 Simulator}
 booktitle={2nd International Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques (SIMUTools'09)},

} </bibtex>

Papers about ns-3

<bibtex> @inproceedings{weingartner:icc2009,

 author = {Weingartner, Elias and vom Lehn, Hendrik and Wehrle, Klaus},
 title = {A performance comparison of recent network simulators},
 booktitle = {(submitted to) Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Communications 2009 (ICC 2009)},
 address = {Dresden, Germany},
 publisher = {IEEE},
 year = {2009},
 abstract = {A widespread methodology for performance analysis in the field of communication systems engineering is network simulation. While ns-2 has established itself as virtually the standard network simulation tool, other network simulators have gained more and more attention during the last years. In this paper, we briefly survey new developments in the field of network simulation and conduct a performance comparison study by implementing an identical simulation set-up in five  simulators, namely ns-2, OMNet++, ns-3, SimPy and JiST/SWANS. Our results reveal large differences according to both run-time performance and memory usage.},
 url = {}

} </bibtex>

Papers about good simulation practices

Please read these papers if you would like to improve the credibility of your simulation work: <bibtex> @article{1096174,

author = {Kurkowski,, Stuart and Camp,, Tracy and Colagrosso,, Michael},
title = {MANET simulation studies: the incredibles},
journal = {SIGMOBILE Mob. Comput. Commun. Rev.},
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issn = {1559-1662},
pages = {50--61},
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publisher = {ACM},
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url = {}


“Why We STILL Don’t Know How to Simulate Networks” –Mostafa Ammar, Georgia Institute of Technology, Annual Simulation Symposium 2005

“Maintaining a Critical Attitude Towards Simulation Results” –Sally Floyd, WNS2 Workshop Keynote, October 2006

“An Integrated Approach to Evaluating Simulation Credibility” –Muessig, Laack, and Wrobleski, U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center, August 2001