Real World Application Integration

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Detail Schedule

  • ~-4.30 read and compile quagga source code, list simu_xxx sys-calls;
  • 5.5~5.9 read zebra codebase, get some view of the code structure and running mechanism.
  • 5.12~5.19 read kerel code, libnl code, RFC3549, get some basic view about netlink socket
  • 5.20~6.20 implement a draft netlink socket which support NETLINK_ROUTE protocol
  • 6.23~6.30 ns3 internal testing for NetlinkSocket class at file
  • 7.1~7.9 porting libnl to ns-3-simu, at src/libnl
  • 7.10~7.16 testing libnl on top of ns3<also with midterm evaluation
  • ......