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Bundle Protocol

  • Student: Dizhi Zhou
  • Mentors: : Tommaso Pecorella, Luca Simone Ronga
  • Abstract: this project aims to implement the bundle protocol (BP) in NS-3 which includes the bundle node structure and basic function of BP protocol. It is designed to support BP in IETF and CCSDS standard. First, the bundle node is the node installing bundle layer between application layer and transport layer in NS-3. The bundle node structure in this project is designed to be easily run on varied transport layer protocols and provides a unified socket interface to applications. Second, the basic functions of BP protocol are divided into three parts in this project: bundle transmission operations, custody signal support and bundle status report support(optional). This project also includes the test suites and documentations in BP.
  • About me: I'm a Ph.D. student in the University of New Brunswick, Canada. My research interests include Multipath TCP (MPTCP) in cooperative wireless network and network simulation. You can find more information about my research in website or LinkedIn.