Statistical Framework for Network Simulation

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Previous Work

Several components and packages have been made for NS-2 to collect and manage data and statistics. A variety of these are listed in the NS-2 wiki. The following are notes on particular efforts.

  • ns2measure.
  • simd.
  • ns-2/akaroa-2.
  • tracegraph.
  • rpi ns2graph.
  • ns2 jtrana. Takes an ns-2 trace file, parses it into MySQL, and provides an interface to interrogate the database and produce graphs and other output in several formats. The database scheme seems to be a straightforward encoding of the raw trace data.
  • Samer Bali's tools. Scripts for post-simulation trace analysis, and averaging from multiple runs. Calculates packet delivery ratio, normalized throughput, routing overhead ratio, end to end delay, hop count, connection time.