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Event Scheduler

  • Implement a "Calendar Queue" event scheduler. The reference paper is: Randy Brown, Calendar Queues: A Fast 0(1) Priority Queue Implementation for the Simulation Event Set Problem, CACM, 31(10):1220-1227, October 1988.
  • Implement a "Dynamic Calendar Queue" event scheduler. The reference paper is: JongSuk Ahn, SeungHyun Oh, "Dynamic Calendar Queue," ss, p. 20, Thirty-Second Annual Simulation Symposium, 1999.

Software Integration

Tom Henderson ( is looking for volunteers to lead or assist on these code integration projects:

  • ns-2 integration with ns-3. (we need to explore different ways to do this)
  • Quagga or XORP routing integration (Do not reinvent dynamic routing daemons-- reuse existing ones)
    • Prior related work: quagga OSPFv3 (IPv6) integration with GTNetS (Tom Henderson and Boeing)
    • Prior related work: quagga BGP integration with GTNetS
  • protolib/agent J: Naval Research Lab (NRL) has developed a number of nice open source abstraction libraries for ns-2. One is called "protolib" and it allows for C-based routing daemons to run in ns-2, OPNET, and also as a userspace daemon. There is a related one called "Agent J" that allows Java-based apps to run in ns-2 (or also on top of real sockets).
  • NIST WiMax ns-2 port to ns-3