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One way to get involved with ns-3 is to work with a mentor on a suggested project. These are typically project suggestions that would be valued contributions but the proposer does not have enough time to do it himself or herself, but is willing to mentor someone else to do it.

Another possibility for students is to get involved in the Google Summer of Code program. This program is administered by Google and acceptance is competitive.

Google Summer of Code

2011 Google Summer of Code Project Ideas

ns-3 plans to apply to 2011 Google Summer of Code. Our 2011 ideas page: 2011 GSOC project ideas

Mentored projects

This section lists project ideas for which there is interest by an ns-3 developer or maintainer to serve as a mentor in the development of a new feature for ns-3.

How does a mentored project work? You contact the mentor and describe your interests and availability to work on the module. You and the mentor will work out a plan to regularly review and discuss the development of your module, following the guidelines for developing new models for ns-3. You will set up a public repository somewhere such as a site listed here or your own mercurial server.

Please do not apply for mentoring help on a class project unless you have approval from the instructor to receive mentoring.

Create non-IP stack for ns-3

Mentor: Tom Henderson

All ns-3 simulations are IP based but there is no template for how to do this for non-IP-based stacks. One issue that should be addressed in the long term is that applications that generate traffic are strongly coupled to the sockets interface. It would be nice to decouple the traffic generation aspects of these applications from the sockets-related code.

IPv6 Routing

Mentor: Tom Henderson

There is little support for global (i.e. god) routing or dynamic routing for IPv6.

Feature requests

The following projects have been suggested in the past. If you are working on them, please let us know on the developers or users list so that we can coordinate activities. If you want to add a project, please describe it below.

Path MTU discovery and fragmentation for IPv4 stacks

Status: Being worked on by Vedran Miletic and Tommaso Pecorella

There is no path MTU discovery implemented for IPv4. This, combined with lack of fragmentation, makes guessing the end-to-end MTU imperative for ns-3 simulations. We would welcome a contribution that introduced path MTU discovery and IPv4 fragmentation to ns-3. Note that there is fragmentation support in the yans simulator that may be of use; contact Mathieu Lacage for more information.

Vedran expressed interest in working on PMTU discovery. There are two patches being reviewed to solve the fragmentation:

UDP for IPv6

Status: Being worked on by Ken Renard Background:

Enable UDP for IPv6. The next step would be TCP but Ken has volunteered to look at UDP first.

A patch has been proposed, the integration will be done after 3.13 release.