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TCP Evaluation Suite - Summer Project 2016

  • Abstract: The TCP evaluation Suite aims to provide a research friendly interface to compare various TCP extensions under different environment conditions and different scenarios.This project aims to tackle various issues in the TCP Evaluation Suite in ns-3 and to add more functionalities.
  • About Me: I'm a 3rd year B.E undergraduate (Computer Science) studying in Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology-Bangalore, India.


  • WIRELESS LAN I intend to BUILD a WIRELESS LAN scenario helper according to the standards presented by the /RFC

Time line

June 14 - June 21 = Outline the wireless lan module to be implemented.

June 21 - July 07 = Develop the Wireless lan module.

July 07 - July 14 = Buffer week in case of delays and documentation of code.

July 14 = Submit code for mid term evaluation.

July 14 - July 21 = Finalize next project goal and begin outlining the module.

July 21 - August 14 = Start development of second project goal and related code.

August 14 - August 21 = Buffer week for documentations and delays.

August 21 = Submit code for final evaluation.

August 21 - September 1 = Cool off period. Get feedback from mentors , improve code and documentation etc.


Week 1: This week was spend reading through the different material required to begin this project. Going through the RFC and understanding how the model should be implemented.

Week 2: The wireless lan module is to be developed as a helper class. With an initial assessment i see that the does implement a similar scenario but all the nodes there are wired. The base files and wireless-lan-helper.h have been created and push to github.


  • Mid Term The proposed completion of WIRELESS LAN is the 2nd week of July,by which i will present a version of my code to be reviewed by a panel of developers.

Code Repository

The Code is currently hosted on github. Link: