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The ns-3 topology generator project aims to provide a quick and easy way to create ns-3 topology. It provides intuitive GUI so you can add nodes, link, applications, ... and generates C++ simulation code for ns-3.

This tool has been written by Pierre Weiss and Sebastien Vincent, University of Strasbourg.


You need Qt 4 libraries to compile and use ns-3 topology generator.


The code seems to be a bit outdated, and it is no longer able to generate code compliant with the latest ns-3 releases.

The generated code will have to be modified in order to fix all the errors (e.g., missing headers) and remove the deprecated functions.


To download the project:

$ hg clone

To build the project:

$ qmake
$ make


To use it, simply run:

$ ./ns-3-generator

To generate the API documentation (you need doxygen tool): $ doxygen Doxyfile

The HTML generated documentation is located in doc/html/ directory of sources.

Configurations may be saved to an XML file and later loaded.

Example screenshot

Ns-3-generator-test.png C++ code generated from the above screenshot. Python code can also be generated. The configuration can be saved in XML and reloaded. Note: two applications were added and can be sen in the generated code (not visible in the screenshot).

Feature requests

  • Ability to configure tracing
  • (others go here)