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This page is to track issues reported with the new website design on

  • Does not work on Opera (reported by Andrey Mazo)
    • Status: Fixed for PCs. May be lingering issues with iPhone Opera but iPhone Safari works.
  • Downloads link broken; points to links (reported by Emmanuelle Laprise)
    • Status: Fixed.
  • Typo in Simulation models: "The ns-3 project is commited to build a solid simulation core that is well documented" (check spelling of committed and s/building/build) (reported by Emmanuelle Laprise)
    • Status: fixed
  • Not all per-release documentation sets built yet (reported by Tom Henderson)
    • Status: Fixed.
  • Typo on Overview->News and Events at the top underneath the page title, it says "Oldser entries" (reported by Josh Pelkey)
    • Status: Fixed.
  • Under Overview->Media Kit it says "The font used for the text ns-3 is ." (reported by Josh Pelkey)
    • Status: I changed to "italics"
  • Text on the left navigation bar seems like it might be a bit small and kind of hard to read (esp. the second indent text) (reported by Josh Pelkey)
  • Media kit images are missing
  • partners-acknoledgment page name is mangled; probably should delete and generate one with proper spelling
    • Status: Fixed.
  • Legals page and Credits page (visible from bottom of main page) are blank
    • Status: Fixed.
  • Links to various release and documentation pages resolve to and result in 404 Not Found.
    • Status: this should automatically be fixed when the website goes live, and when the next item is resolved.
  • Not clear how to reference content stored at filesystem paths relative to /var/www/html
  • There is no integrated search button
    • Status: Wontfix for now.
  • "All releases" and "All documentation" link not placed correctly in Chrome: Media:Ns-3-website.png
    • Status: Fixed, at least as of Chrome 13.0.772.0
  • would prefer text-based links and menus (reported by Gustavo Carneiro)
  • text menus blurry and fuzzy (Duy Nguyen)
  • Link to wiki can be part of documentation or support? (John Abraham)
    • Status: Fixed.
  • Different number of bars in the logo: 3 in the favicon, 4 in the pseudo-3d illustration and 5 in the navigation bar.
  • Contacts/Credits/Posts display "Overview" content on the left menu-bar (Flavio Kubota).
  • The link for Joe Kopena repository is still broken:(Flavio.Kubota)

Joe Kopena's ns-3 overview ->

latest and dev should link for the same page?

    • Status: Fixed.