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The 2011 Workshop on ns-3 was held in conjunction with SIMUTools 2011 in Barcelona Spain on 25 March 2011. The technical program chairs were Nicola Baldo and Ruben Merz. This edition of the workshop was the first to review and accept refereed publications. There were eight paper presentations and six invited talks. Papers will be available through the ACM Digital Library. This page archives the presentation materials or abstracts from those talks.

  • Keynote
    • Tom Henderson, ns-3 project status
  • Papers
    • Joshua Pelkey and George Riley, Distributed Simulation with MPI in ns-3
    • Lalith Suresh Puthalath and Ruben Merz, NS-3-Click: Click Modular Router Integration for NS-3
    • Pavel Boyko and Andrey Mazo, Qemunet: an Approach to an Automated Virtualized Testbed
    • Hemanth Narra, Yufei Cheng, Egemen Cetinkaya, Justin Rohrer and James Sterbenz, Destination-Sequenced Distance Vector (DSDV) Routing Protocol Implementation in ns-3
    • George Riley and Joshua Pelkey, An XML Experiment Description Language for ns-3
    • Giuseppe Piro, Nicola Baldo and Marco Miozzo, An LTE module for the ns-3 network simulator
    • Evgeni Bikov and Pavel Boyko, Direct Execution of OLSR MANET Routing Daemon in ns-3
    • José Núñez-Martínez and Josep Mangues-Bafalluy, Design, Implementation, and Tracing of Backpressure Routing for Ns-3

  • Short talks
    • Jason Liu, PrimoGENI
    • Felipe Perrone, Automation of the ns-3 workflow
    • George Riley, Brite integration with ns-3
    • Nicola Baldo, The LENA project: a product-oriented open source LTE/EPC Network Simulator based on ns-3
    • Jose Nunez, Using ns-3 emulation to experiment with Wireless Mesh Network Routing: Lessons learned